Hospital Issues Gender-Inclusive Directives To Midwives: Say ‘Human Milk’ Not ‘Breast Milk’

In a nation-wide first, a hospital has issued and put into effect new guidelines for any midwives and personnel wanting admissions privileges to treat patients, telling them they need to start using “gender-inclusive” language for prospective parents in order to support “trans and non-binary (including agender, bigender and genderqueer) people as birthing parents and coparents.”

Furthermore, in order to think of clever new ways to reinforce that “hallowed” inclusion and reinforce their delusions, the Brighton and Sussex University Hospital, based in the UK, has procured the services of a “Gender Inclusive Team” to ensure that births go well for transgendered or bigendered folk, as well as to ferret out any non-inclusive language that may be causing distressing to birthing “men” and “women.”

Instead of “breast feeding” and “breast milk”, they’ve asked staff and midwives to say “chest feeding” and “human milk.”

They’ve also eliminated any language that only refers to women and mothers, adding “& birthing parents” to the back half of it. Furthermore, the word “father” is now a no-go, being replaced with “co-parent” or “second biological parent.” [Editor’s note: I suppose “sperm donor” would be too rAcIsT although clinically correct…]

While the report notes that there is “no known UK precedent” for their decision, they’re undeterred, explaining that “In this respect, BSUH are leading the way.”

Of course, just a couple of days before they posted the new announcement, and several weeks after they’d written it, they tweeted out the following, breaking their own rules:

Surely they mean “chest feeding persons releasing human milk.”

What a bunch of transphobe bigots.


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4 thoughts on “Hospital Issues Gender-Inclusive Directives To Midwives: Say ‘Human Milk’ Not ‘Breast Milk’

  1. 1Co 2:14  But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God:
    for they are foolishness unto him:
    neither can he know them,
    because they are spiritually discerned.

    You’d think common sense would cover some things, but it really doesn’t.

    As for the churches, they simply MUST do a better job of teaching doctrine, especially to the younger people coming up. God the Creator. Family . . . . .

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