Video: Liberty University Prez Apologizes for ‘Super-Spreader’ Snowball Fight

Liberty University Jerry Prevo has apologized after photos were posted online of a mega-snowball fight between hundreds of university students, few if any of who were wearing masks and all were violating the school’s COVID-19 Protocols for social distancing.

Prevo made the remarks in a press release on the school’s website, explaining that he done goofed by getting caught up in the moment of seeing freshly fallen snow.

He says he went outside and “immediately engaged in some snowball fights with a few students;” an act that snowballed from there as more joined the fray.

I messed up. We did not think through or communicate the need to wear facial coverings and remain 6 feet apart in compliance with Virginia Governor’s Executive Orders for the suppression of the spread of COVID-19 or even our own COVID-19 Operations Plan. And the size of the group was not in compliance either.

We made a mistake in not enforcing the guidelines that we have followed routinely and sincerely for these many months. We have had a strong record of compliance and containment of COVID-19 from the start, and we want our community to know that Sunday’s snowball event was not done with a heart of defiance. The mistake was one of being caught up in the moment of the day. I and my leadership team apologize for not leading our students to abide by COVID-19 protocols during this event.

The university took down pictures of the event out of concern that failing to do so would “undermine a culture of compliance,” but we have found one for your viewing pleasure.


“Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.” – Herbert Hoover

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While being decried as a “super-spreader” snowball fight from those upset at the disregard for the rules, no known diagnosed COVID-19 cases have resulted from the battle.

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