Hypocrisy! Prominent Black SBC Pastor Condemns “Jezebel” Comparison. Turns Out He Did it Too

For those wise enough to not follow JD Greear on Twitter, a little update:

Dwight McKissic, a prominent black pastor within the Southern Baptist Convention recently cried “Racist!” and virtue-signaled all over himself after Tom Buck – a fellow SBC shepherd – deftly compared looking up to Kamala Harris simply because she’s a “female leader” to looking up to Jezebel (another evil, prominent female leader). Now McKissic has been exposed for doing the exact same thing in a 2015 article published by the now largely-irrelevant SBC Voices.

McKissic has been on a whiny tear ever since Pastor Tom Buck tweeted this out:

As is the norm for woke evangelicalism, Buck was immediately set upon by a cabal of race-baiting SBC Karens, who accused him of racism for daring to link the godless character of Kamala Harris to the godless example of Jezebel. Southern Baptist Convention “president” J.D. Greear – now on year three of his 2-year term throwing fellow Southern Baptists under the race-baiting bus – called Pastor Buck out for dealing in racial stereotypes and accused Buck of sinning by making a biblically-obvious comparison.

McKissic called Tom Buck’s tweet ‘un-Christlike’, ‘unjustifiable’, ‘inconsistent’, ‘unwarranted’, ‘disrespectful’ and ‘extremely harmful to the image of Southern Baptists,’ and demanded that he be “disciplined.” McKissic conveniently left out the fact that his extreme leftism, threats to leave the SBC, and his lack of understanding of basic Baptist polity pose a much greater threat to Southern Baptists’ image.

Fortunately, the internet is forever, and has gifted us this article written by the very same pearl-clutching McKissic:

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, Dwight McKissic needs to call on the SBC leadership to discipline Dwight McKissic for his racism in comparing a black college president and his guest to Jezebel. Was he not aware of the history of Jezebel as a racist trope? How could McKissic be so thoughtless and un-Christlike? Is Dave Miller of SBC Voices about to get lit up by the woke evangelical Twitteratti for platforming such a racist as Dwight “calls the kettle black” McKissic?

In his clearly racist article, McKissic expresses righteous outrage that the black president of American Baptist College, Forrest Harris, invited the presiding “bishop” of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries – a lesbian black woman – to speak at the college, where she proceeded to “preach” and preside over a theological trainwreck.

2015 McKissic quotes Revelation 2:20-21 Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel…” and explains:

Jezebel taught the congregation at Thyatira that sexually deviant practices, contrary to the Word of God, were permissible. Jesus rebuked the pastor and the church at Thyatira for permitting this false teaching to take place in His Church.

What President Forrest Harris, Bishop Flunder, and “Prophetess” Jezebel have in common is this: They all three affirm deviant sexual behavior and believe that the Bible is an insufficient guide in matters of sexual conduct for today’s believers.

Replace ‘Forrest Harris’ and ‘Bishop Flunder’ with ‘Joe Biden’ and ‘Kamala Harris’ and 2021 McKissic must similarly call 2015 McKissic out for his clear racism.

2015 McKissic, in the soon-to-be-removed article (which is amazingly still available on SBC Voices), further states: “The spirit of Jezebel is alive and well at American Baptist College” and ends with “I close by repeating my thesis: What does [sic] President Forrest Harris, Bishop Flunder, and “Prophetess Jezebel” have in common?”

Answer: the same thing Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and “Prophetess Jezebel” have in common.

Someone needs to alert 2021 McKissic.


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  1. I thought Dwight McKissic left the SBC already? There was an article here about a month ago “Dwight McKissic leaving the SBC because it isn’t woke enough.” You mean he didn’t really leave?

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