We Got Banned. Again

Just a quick update for those following the saga of Protestia against the censors, and what happened to some of our content.

We awoke this morning to find our entire Vimeo channel deleted, along with our entire catalog of videos. Some of those videos had over a million views, such as when we broke the story of Jerry Falwell Jr. on the yacht with a video showing it to be the Trailer Park Boys themed party.

As for this infraction, near as we can tell it was a video we posted regarding transgenderism that got us the hand-slap, as it goes against their terms of service.

We tried appealing and were told in no uncertain terms that this was it, with a member of the support team informing us “We wish you the best of luck in finding a hosting platform better suited to your needs.”

“Content violates our anti-hate and anti-discrimination policy when it (1) is directed to a group based upon personal characteristics, such as race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation; (2) sends a message of inferiority; and (3) would be considered extremely offensive to a reasonable person.

This is the first time we’ve had our video library axed, as usually the social media censors simply throttle our Facebook page into oblivion, but the Protestia Facebook page seems to be ok and running well.

Naturally, we will roll with the punches. We’ve made arrangements for this type of eventuality and our video library is being re-uploaded to a more free-speech friendly platform as we speak.

Thank you all for your continued support, either through sharing our content, helping us stay afloat via Patreon, or helping our souls through prayer.

To God be the glory, forever and ever.

4 thoughts on “We Got Banned. Again

  1. What video service are you switching to? Asking as a pastor who teaches Biblical sermons on issues likely to be deemed “offensive” in the near future.

  2. You might want to take advise from Dan Bongino. We, conservatives, need to leave the leftist economy and make our own. That will both “defund” the left and give us room to breath and grow unfettered by sensors.

    Join Rumble. Is it as comprehensive as Youtube; no. But it can be made so with time and content from you folks.

    Leave Twitter and join Parler. Imagine if half of Twitter’s marketplace simply disappears. What ever will the Unibomber (Jack Dorsey) do? Is Parler as good as Twitter, no, but it is improving all the time.

    Leave Fakebook and join MeWe. Again, is it the equivalent of Facebook, not yet, but even if you keep your Fakebook account for commercial reasons for now duplicate your presence on MeWe and one day YOU may de-platform Fakebook.

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