LifeSiteNews Permanently Banned from Facebook, Youtube

LifeSiteNews has announced that they’ve been permanent banned from Facebook and have had their page unpublished, resulting in losing hundreds of thousands of followers, thousands of posts, and over a million comments.

The move to deplatform them comes just months after announcing the embattled website was likewise suspended and kicked off YouTube, losing another 300,000 subscribers there and narrowing their circle of influence even further

The website, which primarily covers news related to abortion, had its page taken down for publishing “false information about COVID-19 that could contribute to physical harm” and that they published “vaccine discouraging information on the platform.” 

In this case, it appears to stem from an April 9th article titled “COVID vaccines can be deadly for some” where they explain that some people who have gotten the vaccine have died from it. Despite this being well-documented that a small portion, even if it’s a tiny one, will have adverse side effects and can die from it, Facebook doesn’t anyone to post anything but ringing praise, and therefore they have been excised from social media., never to be seen again.

This is not a temporary measure: It is gone for good and cannot be appealed.

LifeSiteNews’ Marketing Director Rebekah Roberts said in a press release:

“We have known this day was coming for months now….

Facebook has been silencing any voice that goes against their beliefs and agenda. Our LifeSiteNews Facebook page has been removed simply because we have shared reports of doctors, nurses, expert researchers, and even the former Pfizer VP speaking out against the COVID shots. We’ve also been tagged for the numerous articles we have shared making the connection between the COVID shots, and really all vaccines, and aborted baby cell lines…

This all comes down to another case of Big Tech silencing free speech on their platform.”

We know that it is only a matter of time before we here at Protestia “shuffle off this mortal coil” as well and get banned from Facebook. We have migrated already to, where you can find us at @protestia for that eventuality. Mercifully, we also have our Patrons, who support the mission after we took a leap of faith and removed all ads on our website, losing the ad revenue but making our site more accessible. If you’re able to help out in any way, join us and help see Christ glorified through the practice of discernment and polemics.

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4 thoughts on “LifeSiteNews Permanently Banned from Facebook, Youtube

    1. There are actually many, many “Christians” that they like. They will stay on, and likely even be promoted to fill a role.

  1. Why would any conservative want to profit godless, commie-wannabe companies such as Twitter and Facebook when there are alternatives? Screw ’em.

    1. One reason that many feel reluctant to exit is because Facebook Marketplace has basically replaced Craigslist and everything else as a way to sell and buy local items in many areas. Other options are available, but 90 percent of the items and buyers would not be available. They have their hook in almost everyone and everything.

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