Heartbreaking! Watch Young Kid Get ‘Baptized’ into Transgenderism at Woke Church

(NotTheBee) There should be a word for that emotion you feel when something simultaneously breaks your heart and enrages you.

That’s the thing I feel when I watch this video of these fake Christian leftists ritualistically baptizing a helpless child into transgenderism as though it were a sacrament.

What is that boy, 8? 9? (Editor’s note. 4.)

Do you for one second believe that he “decided to be a girl” on his own? Literally a zero percent chance.

His mother, who is clearly the head of his family, brainwashed him into…

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Editor’s Note. This article was written by Adam Ford and published at Not The Bee. Title changed by Protestia. Original Video replaced with a higher quality one due to low-res.

5 thoughts on “Heartbreaking! Watch Young Kid Get ‘Baptized’ into Transgenderism at Woke Church

  1. I know that I fall far short in being a Christ-follower, but all I feel is intense rage for the unmitigated evil that is being perpetrated on our youth, and from the church? Seriously, the church? I cannot find the words to express my outrage at what is happening in so many churches.

  2. Lots of adult necks in the American “church” begging for millstones to be tied to them before being “baptized” into the deep, blue sea.

  3. For some reason, I don’t see the father in that picture, yet I see two little boys. Is the mother going to talk her youngest one into becoming a “girl” as well? Is this a church that’s “pastored” by lesbians, perhaps they do this just way to show their hatred towards men?

    I experienced the shock of hearing a father say to his daughter in the men’s room at a private swimming pool summer before last that “it’s OK if she wants to become a boy“ and that he and her mom will help her do that after her question about why boys and girls use different bathrooms.

    I immediately went back to my lounge chair and prayed for the child and felt like reporting him to the authorities. Problem is, in this day and age, I’m the one who may have been arrested instead of him.

  4. Looks more like a cattle farm than a church service. Absolutely disgusting and vile especially the GUY behind the piano doing a Frank Sinatra impersonation of “I gotta be me”.

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