Racist Pastor Gives Ministry License to SWBTS Student Whose Creds Were Pulled for Endorsing Biden

Dwight McKissic is perhaps the most liberal pastor in the Southern Baptist Convention. He denies the Sufficiency of Scripture by holding to charismaticism. He denies the inerrancy of Scripture by endorsing female clergy. And he is carried away by the “vain philosophy and empty deceit” (Colossians 2:8) of Cultural Marxism, regularly espousing the tenets of Critical Theory that teaches all white people are racist by virtue of being white.

His relationship with David Bumgardner is perhaps a match made in hell. Bumgardner recently completed a one-year ministry internship with a cooperating Southern Baptist church in Texas as a part of his enrollment at Southwestern Baptist Theology Seminary (SWBTS). SWBTS was the last remaining seminary hold-out against Critical Theory and Woke Religionism that has consumed the SBC, until liberal forces in the denomination forced the ouster of long-time theological hero, Paige Patterson.

Bumgardner, who had an internship at Faith Memorial Baptist Church, proved himself inept and unqualified for ministry during his time there. Sources close to Bumgardner allege that almost all of his associates believe him to be a homosexual. But the straw that broke the camel’s back for Faith Memorial Baptist Church was when his first act after graduating from the internship program was to endorse Joe Biden for president of the United States.

Obviously, actual Christians have a problem with this. Biden has promised to defend infanticide up to the point of birth (and even beyond birth, for those poor babies who survive a botched abortion), genital mutiliation for kids as young as 8 years old, and increased restrictions on churches meeting for worship. And during the Obama-Biden years, their administration weaponized the IRS to persecute Christian churches and non-profits.

Ostensibly, what mattered most to Faith Memorial Baptist Church is that Bumgardner appeared to use the ministry license he received from them for purely political reasons. In a move that made national news, the church removed his ministry license for an overall lack of qualifications when Bumgardner claimed that he “and other religious leaders would make a Biblical argument for Joe Biden being the Christian choice in 2020.”

But have no fear; the most liberal pastor in the Southern Baptist Convention – who only hasn’t been disfellowshipped from the denomination on account of his skin color – has seen fit to issue ministry credentials to Bumgardner.

Southern Baptists are only Southern Baptists by virtue of their cooperation, one with another. If churches do not cooperate with one another’s discipline and licensing or ordination decisions, it is fair to say they are not a cooperating Southern Baptist Church.

Dwight McKissic should have been kicked out of the SBC years ago for holding to point-by-point negations of the Baptist Faith and Message. But his refusal to honor the credentialing decisions of another Southern Baptist Church should also alert SBC officials that McKissic’s church is not cooperating with the fellow SBC churches.

Now, an effeminate (and probably gay) young Democrat will be able to again attract national news attention for endorsing God-hating baby butcherers under the guise of being a “Southern Baptist Minister.”

Notable pastors who still consider Dwight McKissic to be a brother-in-Christ include Tom Buck and Bart Barber, not to mention quite a few other prominent leaders like Albert Mohler.

It’s time for every serious Christian to walk away from the SBC.

“Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, nor take part in the sins of others; keep yourself pure (1 Timothy 5:28).”

4 thoughts on “Racist Pastor Gives Ministry License to SWBTS Student Whose Creds Were Pulled for Endorsing Biden

  1. This is perhaps the worst example of journalism I’ve seen in my life. Please reevaluate your decision to post such an atrocious excuse for an article.

    The “about” section of this website says “Protestia brings to the public news stories that they may not hear in conventional media. When doing so, we strive to give our souces, link pertinent information, cite other outlets with the same findings, and be diligent in conveying the truth. Protestia also provides commentary and opinion from the theological and worldview perspective of conservative evangelical Christianity.”

    You literally did none of these things. Good job.

  2. This whole article is trash. How on EARTH are you bringing glory to Jesus? Also, poorly written. This whole site is a joke.

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