Fact Check: Did Trump Use Covid Meds Made with Aborted Babies? No.

Research conducted by Protestia refutes claims made by liberal media over the last 24 hours that the COVID-19 treatement drug given to President Donald J. Trump was made with an aborted fetal cell line. The claim has been repeated matter-of-factly by the New York Times, CBS News, The Guardian, and other mainstream media outlets.

It’s not as if these outlets care that an aborted baby was allegedly used to treat POTUS, given their support for fast-lane infanticide. In their worldview, it’s okay to kill babies because their mothers might experience some kind of (real or imagined) financial or emotional discomfort. But it in an election cycle like this one, they seem to have reveled in the opportunity to portray Trump as hypocritical in his stance on life beginning at conception.

But it turns out, the claims are untrue.

Regeneron, which has filed for FDA emergency-use authorization to quickly get the drug given to President Trump on the market to treat COVID-19, shows in literature published by the company that it did not use human stem cells to produce the treatment, but stem cells from mice.

Cue leftist outrage that President Trump valued his life over that of rodents. PETA will be incensed.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute released a statement demonstrating that President Trump did not receive any treatments that involved human embryonic stem cells or human fetal tissue.

They write

Uninformed commentary has emerged this morning stating that President Trump has received a medication created with the use of human embryonic stem cells.

They then added, “CLI has reviewed the published information and our conclusion is straightforward: The president was not given any medicines to treat COVID-19 that involved the destruction of human life…No human embryonic stem cells or human fetal tissue were used to produce the treatments President Trump received–period.”

The news media has only superficially scratched the surface of the information regarding Regeneron’s research and development. They took the term “embryotic stem cells” to mean human embryos. It was, in fact, from mice.

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3 thoughts on “Fact Check: Did Trump Use Covid Meds Made with Aborted Babies? No.

  1. To PETA, the lives of those mice were more valuable than human babies. Go figure that if you wanna know how sick our society is.

  2. I support you…listen to you. But u are wrong Tru news reported this as well as others who have pulled from Regeneron’s ON SITE! Their ON PAPERS REVEAL ABORTED CELLS AND MICE!

  3. Guess what our flu vaccines are also made from monkey and calf cells. Larger point stop putting this stuff in your body it’s making all of us sick never mind changing our DNA

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