Greear and Keller Join New Movement to Support ‘Democrat Christians’

It’s no secret that Christianity Today – the publication started by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association – is working hard to get Joe Biden elected. They published an Op-Ed by then editor, Mark Gali, calling for Trump’s impeachment last year. Galli has since left evangelicalism altogether, joining the Catholic Church because they have “five minute” sermons.

Christianity Today’s editorial staff is notoriously liberal, featuring regulalry the “wokest” of writers including Ed Stetzer of Wheaton College and Karen Swallow Prior of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Two things are for certain; first, Christianity Today writers hate Donald Trump with the burning hatred of a thousand fiery suns, and secondly, they’re trying as hard as possible to “create space” for a new kind of Christian orthodoxy that makes room for God-hating pagans, baby butcherers, thieves, racial agitators, feminists, and Marxists known as Democrats.

The National Association of Evangelicals is a team member in this effort to move evangelicals to the left, but this nothing new for the NAE. They were created as an ecumenical organization to serve as controlled opposition for the more liberal American Council of Churches, but soon broke left after their original founders – including Bob Jones and John Rice – were out of the picture. Its former president, Leith Anderson, bragged at his recent retirement that the organization has strived to be a “centrist voice” between liberals and conservatives (something that would have made its founders weep). Today, it’s listed among organizations taking cash from George Soros’ political money laundering organizations.

Along with American Awakening – a Dark Money-funded kumbaya organization that seeks to bring Christian Democrats and Republicans together – the organizations are launching a new program to either get Christians to vote Democrat or to be okay with those who do.

The First Principles Project has been launched for the purpose of convincing Christians that issues like baby-murder, sodomy, and theft are not big deals and shouldn’t divide authentic believers from those who are alright with the Democratic platform.

The program has the cooperation of noted evangelical leftists including Tim Keller, Andy Stanley, Tony Evans, SBC President J.D. Greear, and Rick Warren, whose sermons will be used with their permission to help “broaden the tent” of evangelicalism to make room for progressive politicos.

The organization will brand itself as simply trying to help Christians be “civil” and be nice despite political differences, but is clearly purposed to convince evangelicals that the Bible doesn’t have to be applied to their worldview.

Regarding this, Christianity Today editor, Timothy Dalrymple said, “Whatever policies or parties we support, we should all begin from shared commitments on why we engage in public life and how we do so in a manner that reflects the character of Christ.”

Christ would beat Democrats within an inch of their life with a horse whip (if not tie a millstone around their neck and dump them in deep water) for supporting the wholesale slaughter of the unborn.

A press release from Christian newswire says that the above-mentioned leftists (Greear, Keller, Evans, Warren, Stanley, et al.) have “prepared easy-to-use original videos, transcripts, outlines, and discussion materials based on the best historic and contemporary thinking to encourage a biblical approach to [loving our neighbor].

A review of the material sent to Protestia demonstrates that the propaganda speaks of “justice” in broad terms and applies the concept to welfare, reparations, and immigration reform but not to the unborn.

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42 thoughts on “Greear and Keller Join New Movement to Support ‘Democrat Christians’

  1. After reading this article, I just want to get down on my knees and weep for my brothers and sisters and what is coming

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you. I’m sitting here feeling stunned after reading that. I feel betrayed for supporting one of those pastors, even traveling hundreds of miles to attend his his church.
      Please forgive us Lord Jesus…and come soon!

      1. I know this is hard to take, but Bible believing Christians need to wake up to what is happening in the church. The Gospel Coalition which Timothy Keller and D.A. Carson founded is promoting this kind of stuff. Be careful who you listen to, and read your Bible. There is NO substitute for knowing the Scriptures. If you don’t know the Scriptures, in this world you can be easily deceived.

    2. I can’t believe these seemingly Godly men have fallen for this idea of guilt.God doesn’t want us to condone abortion and this other evil stuff. I am a Southern Baptist and am really saddened to see the President of our organization has signed his name to this. I am praying they will be convicted of their sin of spreading this vile information. God is in control and I am praying He will convict these people of where they have gone wrong.

  2. The article states that “A review of the material sent to Protestia demonstrates that the propaganda speaks of “justice” in broad terms and applies the concept to welfare, reparations, and immigration reform but not to the unborn.” I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you; that said, don’t you all feel compelled to provide some samples of this damning material to back up the message in your article?

    1. Just go to the First Principals Project and read the transcripts of the contributing pastors and you’ll find all the samples of material you need.

  3. These are the folks that will convince false converts and maybe some believers to take the Mark of the Beast telling them to do it for love of their fellow man while invoking Jesus’ name. Even though Scripture clearly states what the final outcome will be.

  4. I am southern Baptist. There seems to be so much lately of something of a downward left leaning trend and physcobable from the pulpits that if it weren’t for the wonderful God fearing pastor and others in the church I attend, I’d of been long gone.

    1. Me too….I’ve been slowly realizing how much I disagree with him and how much he is a part of the “woke” movement.

    2. Keller believes in Theistic Evolution and the social gospel, so he’s already on a slippery slope. I was somewhat shocked to hear about Evans but nothing shocks
      me anymore.
      C.T. is a rag and Billy Graham loved the Pope and had the audacity to call him a man of God

  5. I’ve started praying that God will remove these pastors and ones like this from ministry or change their hearts. The CRT is driving all of this! I’ve been so disappointed in the SBC for a long time, and if I didn’t love my church so much…we would have left by now because it’s part of the SBC. I’m also praying for God to restore the SBC, divide it, or destroy it.
    Way too many Christians aren’t truly in the word, and living by the scriptures. It’s heartbreaking! I’m disappointed Tony Evans is included in this! I know his son made it quite clear in a bible study the other night that Republicans are not womb to the tomb type of people. I wrote and told Tony how disappointed I was and he took it down with hours. Christians need to stand together, but in the word!

    1. Excellent comment. It has seemed to me for the 20 years we have been in a Modern Day, ‘dark age’, where, we have all of this information, numerous different translations of the Bible, a sea of books, but, are lost in the “yeast of the Pharisees.” We as a Christian society, live for the fear of man, the pleasing of the crowd. A culture that feels safe with ‘the group’ opinion of what true morality, and Righteousness is and sets it’s standard. We look to polls, marketing research, as to what we believe. We must know the truth, fear God, not man, and abide in constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

  6. We dealt with the “Liberal lean” of the Southern Baptist’s in the mid 70’s. They wanted to be country club, deniers of the inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible in its origin. They wanted to teach in Baptist Colleges and make a good salary while destroying the faith of their students.
    This stuff coming now reminds me of the “pastors” that Watchman Nee encountered in China. They were told what to preach and even given a written text from the government. And Nee was imprisoned and eventually murdered for simply preaching the gospel of Christ.

  7. God does not change his mind on the big principles…murdering babies CANNOT be ignored, the Godless Democrats being supported by people like Keller and Warren tells me that these men have left the Christian faith…they are hypocrites who have joined the worldly mob of deceivers. Sad, tragic, stupid…

  8. I too am shocked with Tony Evans a part of this, as I know him personally. Of course we can be deceived and not know we have

  9. As recent as September Tony Evans absolutely pro life and protecting in the womb and out of the womb as Rick Warren states comparing abortion to what the Nazis did. I suspect that this article is from the Democrats and the far left in creating issues to divide Christians

    1. I definitely agree with you. Anyone who supports the liberals’ platform has the potential to lie and deceive, in order to cause greater division within the Church.

    2. Really?? Have you no discernment? Rick Warren has ruined many a church and is all about his three legged stool. He does not preach the Gospel anymore. Sad.

  10. If you doubt Christianity Today’s support for the Democrats, please go to Ed Stetzer’s FB page of last week (Tues, Oct 13) where he posted a CT article that reports 50% of Protestant pastors will vote for Trump. Ed is a frequent contributing writer for CT, acts as an influencer and ‘pastors’ pastors. I am appalled The majority of comments from followers on his page (who are presumed to be Christians) are appalling in their support for candidate Biden and the D ticket. If you want to possibly influence some ‘religious ‘ voters, consider engaging with them there in the comment section. CT, at the minimum should be held to account – otherwise they should be called ‘Apostate Yesterday .’

  11. This election is ultimately not about Biden or Trump. It’s about light vs. darkness, freedom vs. the evils of socialism embedded in the opposite goals of the parties in this widest agenda split in history. Any presidential candidate has to heed the wider party agenda. I’m thoroughly disgusted that people who call themselves Bible-believing Christians support the worst socialist, liberal goals of the Democratic Party in its current (sad) state. How can Christians be so stupid that a personal dislike of Trump becomes their reason to vote for evil? Very sad. I stand with the courageous Catholic priest who accurately lines up the issues at stake:

  12. Vote the Most Prolife Candidate… Trump! Pastors will have to account to God if they are behind Democrats Biden and Kamala. Christians speak truth…be bold…God is on our side!

  13. I have chosen to not follow any of the big name pastors. I follow Franklin Graham as he maintains the death, burial and resurrection of Christ Jesus. Franklin is outspoken on prolife matters. Stay close to Jesus and if anything is contrary to Him or His Word, stay away.

  14. It says in scripture that in the last days there will be a great falling away even among the elite. We are in the last days and tribulation is waiting for these wolves in sheep clothing. A great deception has overcome these so called pastors and its heart breaking.

  15. I believe that what we see with many of these well known pastors going in the can for the democrats is spiritual warfare; light vs darkness in the setting of politics. I am shocked as many of you are in seeing that the discernment of these pastors has been thwarted by evil. The democrats have been very open about what they want to do in their platform with abortion, their lack of support of Christian church and values, lies, deception, and corruption. We know where that comes from – the pit of hell. Hang on to Jesus!

    1. Dems have removed God from their platform, support child sacrifice (abortion) to the day of delivery, say the separation of church and state is part of the Constitution (untrue-read it), social gospel led by government rather than churches, etc. These are not biblical precepts. I am shocked at these so called Christian leaders who support takeover by God-less leaders. As for me…I will serve my Lord And Savior Jesus Christ …not these mere men who obviously have not read the scriptures as much as they pretend. I am shocked at SBC and Tony Evans and others, but on Judgement day, they will have to give an account……I only have to answer for myself. I will no longer be following any of those mentioned. I have recently left my Southern Baptist Church because some leaders there support DEmocrats and I have stopped listening to a radio station on which Greear preaches because it only RUns ads every Hour- are for Biden in which his wife and friend talk about what a fine godly man he is. Made me want to have nothing to do with that radio station and I sent them a letter to tell them why I would no longer tune – they didn’t care at all.

  16. Being a member of J.D. Greear’s church, The Summit, I was alarmed when somebody told me about this. As I read the article, however, it didn’t ring true. While The Summit Church is indeed doing a series on politics, so are 10,000 other churches right now. Furthermore, Pastor Greear has walked the fine and appropriate line between advocating for a party and being politically passive. We must not pin our hope on a party, a candidate, or even the glorious US Constitution. As Pastor Greear and the other staff members have maintained consistently, this season is a good reminder that our only hope must come in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have found the entire series to be consistent with biblical principal. Pastor Greear has made it clear there are non-negotiables for Christian voters. Primary among those non-negotiables is that we must protect the right to life. Other issues are legitimate places of disagreement for Christ-following voters. For instance, whereas I may believe a smaller governmental role and a larger personal role is the correct course in taking care of our widows, children, and prisoners, others may insist on the government taking a central role. I am entirely opposed to that, but it does not make my philosophically-opposed friend a heathen.
    While I wouldn’t begin to consider defending Christianity Today, the accusation against Pastor Greear is misguided.
    Blessing to all of you!

  17. So much of this “Woke-ness” is pandering to people in order to make them feel accepted,without acknowledging the reality of their sin. Jesus accepts sinners and redeems them beautifully and completely with the full Gospel, but these pastor’s have decided the Gospel Truth is too hard for people. They’re arrogantly assigning themselves to be people’s “savior’s.” They have joined to build a golden calf and encourage people to worship it. This goes way beyond the 2020 election. Woe to the people who refuse to be on the LORD’s side.

  18. Stop your blubbering! With regard to false teachers, the Spirit called them dogs and earlier drove Paul to “confront Peter to his face” concerning cowardice.

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