JD Greear’s Summit Church Worship Pastor Posts Pro-LGBTQ, BLM and ‘Amerikkka’ Content

Southern Baptist Convention President JD Greear’s Summit Church continues to model what it means to have its church leadership manifest great acts of wokeism and social justice among its staff and leadership, with the most recent example being long term Worship Pastor Michael Georges Jr.

It is no surprise that this sort of behavior would be tolerated or given a pass for so long, given the plethora of pronouncements from the denominational leader who is slowly assuming the role of “Al Sharpton for Evangelicals” on account of his burgeoning propensity to declare near everything “Racist!” Ahmaud Abery, George Flloyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, Jacob Blake – all declared to be examples of racism or racial injustice by Greear and demonstrating that there is likely no death or injury of a black person by a white person that Greear would not cluck his tongue at and attribute to racism.

It is within the context of Greear fomenting it within his own church that Michael Georges Jr comes in. Georges has been employed as a worship pastor at Summit Church for over 5 years now, where he assumes a leadership role. He has three children and is newly married. Georges received visibility when he was chosen to lead messengers and guests in worship at the SBC Annual Meeting 2019, and moreso in June 2020, when he led and organized Protest and Pray a rally that drew hundreds of members from Summit Church to protest the death and shooting of George Floyd.

When perusing through Georges’ social media, we find a series of posts in support of LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, decrying the United States as AmeriKKKa, and demonstrating sympathy for the looters and rioters.

On top of those activities, he has also posted Black Panther salutes, retweeted posts about how breaking windows isn’t that bad because they can be replaced (referencing the riots), and several sympathetic posts of Jacob Blake, the alleged rapists who got shot in the back after terrorizing his ex-girlfriend and reaching for a weapon.

While normally the story would end there – another example of a teacher/leader at Summit Church holding sketchy beliefs and no one caring (such As Rebecca Shrader, a pro-choice feminist who teaches small group studies with her husband at Summit Church was inconsolable after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg), in this case an unusual thing happened when JD Greear’s Chief of Staff, Todd Uziker, contacted Rod. D Martin, the man who posted *some* of these on Twitter (Protestia uncovered others).

Uziker informed Martin that “immediately after the church leadership discovered this, they removed Georges from leading worship and he is currently in a Matt. 18 process. Todd says he has repented of these things and is a good man.” When questioned about the timeline, Uzkier responded:

While we thank God that they ultimately acted, it leaves us with many questions and shows that something fundamentally is broken at Summit Church.

Why is this something that is only weeks old? Who vetted Georges to be a pastor? Georges has thousands of followers and tens of thousands of posts on social media across multiple pages. How was this able to go on for so long without being addressed? Why did no one from the church who is friends or followed Georges on social media bring it up earlier to the Elders? Or did they, and it was ignored or looked over?

What is wrong with members of Summit Church who followed their worship leader and saw on Twitter that he said that people should not criticize the looters, and no one brought that information to the church leadership? It doesn’t make sense that these were “just discovered” considering that the man led a protest of hundreds of church members and isn’t an unknown entity and has been posting for years.

Another issue that needs to be addressed, other than the pro-LGBT stuff, the racism, and the Black Lives Matter support, is the fact that Georges has retweeted and liked and commented favorably on several posts of T. D. Jakes, the Anti-Trinitarian Heretic. Here is a small sampling going back less than a month. How many more similar tweets and posts are there? Why is a Southern Baptist Summit Pastor liking and quoting the most famous Trinity-denier of them all? Will that be addressed in their church discipline?

This is just one of their pastors.

Summit Church has dozens.

What on earth is going on there?

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  1. Run, don’t walk, saints, away from this morally and intellectually retarded world-worshipping “ministry.”

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