TGC’s Thabiti Anyabwile: If You’re Upset ERLC’s Ex-Policy Director Supports Biden, ‘You’re Racist’

The Gospel Coalition’s Thabiti Anyabwile has criticized anyone upset over the ERLC’s recent Policy Director endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, calling them straight-up racists.

To familiarize yourself with Anyabwile, the pastor has used his social media platforms to refer to his leftist positions as “pro-life” issues and yet endorses pro-choice candidates like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and claims that all white evangelicals are guilty of racism. Anyabwile’s real name is “Ron Burns” but he chose the name “Thabiti Anyabwile” to identify with the “Black Nationalist Movement,” a move he made prior to converting from Christianity to Islam. Afterward, Anyabwile claimed to have been reconverted to Christianity but chose to keep his Black Nationalist name, which should tell everyone something about him.

Steven Harris is the ERLC’s recent Policy Director in DC who worked with government leaders in the legislative and executive branches to advocate for the ERLC’s position on important issues while also analyzing legislation and producing content for ERLC outlets. He resigned from that position just recently, and has since joined up with a group called “Evangelicals for Biden” to endorse the Democratic candidate for President.

Harris was highly endorsed by Anyabwile, which led to him lashing out on social media at anyone who anyone criticizing his young endorsee.

Certain Voices in the SBC are intent on denigrating and vilifying any African American who dares think for themselves and who rejects Trump Worship and conscience-binding legalism of fundamentalist elements.


Until those voices are challenged and rejected, the SBC is doomed to its racist and racially intransigent past and culture.


It’s time to end the partisan and racist foolishness that blemishes the Church.

It is of note that Thabiti doesn’t name names and say exactly who are these overt racists who are specifically denigrating black folk who support Trump and “think for themselves.” He says “until those voices are challenged and rejected, the SBC is doomed to its racist and racially intransigent past and culture” but doesn’t give a list of examples of the racist elements that should be challenged. Which groups is he talking about? Which people are the racists?

Second, we at Protestia have no issue with someone who cannot vote for Trump due to conscience issues. That is completely fine and praiseworthy. It’s one thing to not vote for Trump, or to vote the third party or not at all; it is another to actively endorse Joe Biden, a vote which is really going to Kamala Harris who reigns queen over the democratic culture of death.

In Harris’s role with the ERLC, he was allegedly lobbying on behalf of “pro-life issues” and getting paid to do it from the Cooperative program. Now mere months later, in contradistinction to his earlier role, he is actively promoting these decrepit leaders who are entrenching and expanding access to these Mephistophelean evils, seeking to persuade other Christians to join him in lifting up the Democratic party and all the policy horrors that would come from that.

We don’t like that, and we’re racists because of it?

Thanks, Gospel Coalition, but we’re not buying what your race-baiting boys are selling.

4 thoughts on “TGC’s Thabiti Anyabwile: If You’re Upset ERLC’s Ex-Policy Director Supports Biden, ‘You’re Racist’

  1. We live in a society with an increasingly inverted reality: Good is evil, evil is good; love is hate, hate is love; police are demonized, criminals are lauded; etc.

    To Anyabwile’s point, there are, in fact, people who cause division, slander others, mock and demonize others, judge and condemn others (falsely) based on their skin color (i.e. racism), etc…yet they frequently turn this reality upside down and blame others for doing the very things they are doing.

    In a weird way, this is fascinating to me. So the question is: Do they know they are practicing this deep deceit, or have they falsely accused others and blame-shifted responsibility for so long that they now believe their own lies? [deceiving and being deceived; 2 Tim 3:13] And/or have they reached the point where God has given them over to darkness, a depraved mind, etc?

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