John MacArthur Says Calif. Lockdowns Based on ‘False Science.’ Compares Tactics to Hitler and Nazi Regime

Pastor John MacArthur appeared on Eric Metaxas show to update on things were at with Grace Church, providing nothing new in terms of teh case, but he did provide a bit of information on how things are progressing internally.

Speaking against the impossibility of his church gathering outside in any practical sense, as social distancing protocols would leave them with only 300-400 congrats allowed to attend, MacArthur blasted Governor Gavin Newsom’s unscientific basis for locking the state and churches down, comparing the same justification that California is using to the ones that the Nazi’s used in Germany.

Hitler used false science. Hitler used false science about race as a people, about black people and about jewish people. He tried to basically use that false science to lock down the Reichstag in Nazi power. That is essentially what’s happening in California and even across the country, the false science of this virus is being used again as a club by the governor of California and others across the country to affect the political change they want to see.

Speaking to anecdotal evidence, MacArthur relays that they’ve met for 9 weeks and don’t know anyone in the congregation of 7000 who have had COVID and disputes that it should be properly classified as a pandemic in the first place, given the low number of deaths comparatively. MacArthur shares that Grace Church being open has been met with overwhelming support by congregants and guests who have been attending his services in great numbers have been encouraged and given hope to to see other brothers and sisters holding the line.

We are absolutely shocked at the number of people pouring into this church who have not been here before, filling up the worship center, filling up the chapel, filling up a tent in the parking lot, going into other buildings. Several hundred thousand devices are connected for online. We’re now broadcasting every service in six languages around the globe.

People want to hear the truth and they want hope in the midst of what seems a bleak kind of history for them. They see churches kind of folding up under the pressure and it frightens them if their own churches aren’t gonna stand and hold the line, where will they turn? So there’s almost a rush, there’s an exhilaration in the people that are coming here and freely worshipping the Lord.

It’s not normally that they can defy the government, but they watch this government collapsing in every sense that they hold dear, and for them to be able to take a stand against that and know its right because they are obeying Christ is an exhilarating spiritual experience, and there’s a joy here that’s beyond what I’ve seen in 50 years.

One member who attends Grace Church estimated perhaps 5500 people attended one of the earlier services after they first opened up again, and that many people attending were not members, but either Christians wanting to go to church whose local churches are not open, or were attending to encourage Pastor MacArthur. He even recounted “I met a couple who flew in from Texas just to participate in a Sunday meeting time.”


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