The Gospel Coalition Promotes Song Worshipping George Floyd

The Gospel Coalition has continued their rapid devolution into full-woke beast mode by sharing and promoting a series of new albums by The Porter’s Gate, including one that literally has a song worshipping George Floyd.

The band, which is founded by Isaac and Megan Wardell and is comprised of a rotating collective of guest artists and collaborators, describes itself as “a sacred ecumenical arts collective reimagining and recreating worship that welcomes, reflects and impacts both the community and the church.” The band is heavily involved in the social justice scene and its social media retweets read like a who’s who of BLM affirming believers. This may be why TGC is so enamored with it.

The album, titled ‘Lament Songs’ is set for release on September 11 and includes a host of problematic songs and lyrics which will be covered more later, but none more than the blasphemous ‘O Sacred Neck, Now Wounded,‘ which is a reimagining/ remix of the 17th-century hymn “O Sacred Head, Now Wounded set to the same tune, which rather than being about Jesus, is now in part about George Floyd.

The sheet music is available on their website. It’s important to note that these are Lead Sheets, which are intended for corporate worship, giving the distinct impression and understanding that The Porter’s Gate and The Gospel Coalition would like nothing more than for churches to sing these during corporate church services.

O Sacred Neck, Now Wounded

O Sacred Neck now wounded, pressed down by blows and knees
This son of God surrounded by silent enemies
Will no one stop and listen, will no one rise and speak?
Of violence and oppression, which hanged you from that tree?

O Sacred Head, discounted, lies crowned in locks and sweat.
See, thorns and curls now found in Your weeping mother’s hands.
O sun-kissed King of glory, what honor once was Yours;
yet now despised and gory, our still and lifeless Lord.

O Man of Sorrows, beaten down; our brother’s blood cries from the ground.
You bore our sin, we turned our eyes from You – the Lamb of God.

O Sacred Body wounded, now breathless in the street
Your people here press onward to be your hands and feet.
Your mouth to speak your justice, your heartbeat for the poor;
Your life, it flows within us to break down prison doors!

O Man of Sorrows, beaten down; our brother’s blood cries from the ground.
You bore our sin, we turn our eyes to You – the Lamb of God

While the second verse appears to be about Jesus, with the intentional and deliberate capitalizing of the YOUR, along with the capitalization of YOU in the refrain, the first and third verse is not about Jesus, but rather is about the “Sacred Body” George Floyd, sung TO HIM.

The personal pronouns in these verses are no longer capitalized and the content is replete with mention of George Floyd’s sacred neck, it being pressed down by knees, other officers not helping, being breathless in the streets, etc.

These are all references to George Floyd being arrested and restrained by officer Derek Chauvin, who put a knee on his neck for nearly 10 minutes in order to subdue him, a move which allegedly cut off his oxygen supply and contributed to him passing away. A full investigation is underway to see if this was a misuse of force or rather was a tragedy that was normally safe but was compounded and exacerbated by Flloyd having copious amounts of fentanyl in his system and experiencing the effects of “excited delirium.”

Apparently, this is their new savior.


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8 thoughts on “The Gospel Coalition Promotes Song Worshipping George Floyd

  1. A worship song that substitutes a serial felon/societal parasite for the Son of God? The church of Satan is alive and well.

  2. It hurts to see these brothers and sisters accused of heresy. The capitalization correctly points to Jesus in the leadsheet you posted.

  3. This can’t be a serious critique of this song. If you know the founders of this band and what they promote, not to mention have a clue about artistic interpretation, you wouldn’t be so quick to come up with a short sided criticism. This song isn’t worshiping George Floyd- could it be that they are implying that Jesus suffers with those who suffer?

  4. As a Believer first and a retired corrections sergeant second; I really appreciate your take on this (and everything else for that matter). I have just recently discovered your website and find it a fantastic resource.

  5. Readers may be interested to know that the founder of this band is on staff as the “director of worship arts” in a PCA church in Virginia. This particular church is among the more progressive that you’ll encounter and encapsulates nearly all of the troubles brewing in that denomination. It’s a hotbed of critical theory and flirts dangerously close with cultural marxism and other ideologies that are antithetical to historic orthodox Christianity.

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