Calif. Church Amasses $57,000 in Fines for Being Open During Pandemic, Pastor Pleads to Relent

A California church that has chosen to be obedient to the Lord and reopen for in-person services after months of online-only church has been fined more than $57,000 so far, and the number is only growing, a result of gathering as a body during the pandemic in righteous defiance of the state lockdown orders

Senior Pastor Jack Trieber of North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, California, is getting fined $5,000 in ‘public health violations’ for every service they are having, racking up $15,000 a week for two Sunday and one Wednesday night service.

See the orders and notice of fines stuck to the doors.

The orders are seeking to enforce the state’s ban on singing in church and not properly social distancing, demanding that if the church doesn’t immediately follow Californian protocols, the county will take additional action, considering “civil or criminal prosecution, with additional resulting penalties, fees, and costs.”

Pastor Trieber took to Facebook and explained his predicament, asking for the fines to removed, and taking a swing at the tyrants who are stopping them.

I’m in charge of the spiritual health of the people in this city and in this area. I’ve been trying to do it for 45 years. Though health is (of the) utmost importance, spiritual health is supreme. Because we’ve been locked out in this county of churches, suicide is up, domestic violence, addiction is up, homelessness is up, alcoholism is up. We need to get back to worshiping God. I am commanded to worship God.

I plead with you, back off. Open up the spiritual environment of this valley immediately because we’re going to see chaos. I’m not threatening that we’re going to create chaos … but I am willing to take a stand.

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