Texas Abolitionists Make Abortion’s Abolition an Official TX GOP Priority

During their recent biennial convention, the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) passed a legislative priority to abolish abortion completely. It reads: “Abolish abortion by ensuring the right to life and equal protection of the laws to all preborn children from the moment of fertilization.”

Despite Texas Right to Life and Texas Alliance for Life’s insistence on an incremental approach to ending abortion, the RPT chose to listen to the abolitionists, who outnumbered those testifying in favor of incrementalism five-to-one at the hearings. The complete abolition of abortion is now one of Texas Republicans’ eight official legislative priorities, while the incremental proposal did not even make the top fifteen.

RPT Delegate David Sims testified to the Legislative Priorities Committee about the folly of compromise and the necessity of holding firmly to our principles. “We’ve got to stop with the strategy of begging the supreme court to allow us to compromise with evil. It’s unprincipled and it clearly isn’t working. It’s time to stand firmly on God’s word and on the Constitution and provide equal protection of the laws against murder to preborn children. It’s time to abolish abortion.”

Wesley Thomas from Abolish Abortion Texas was another delegate who testified in favor of abolition. When asked if he feared that abolishing abortion in Texas may lead to a civil war, Thomas replied, “55,000 plus children per year are currently being aborted… That is a war, okay? And so… if we’re not willing to lay down our lives to save 55,000 children, are we not asking them to lay down their lives for us instead?”

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Editors note. This article was written by Michael Lockwood and published at Free the States. Title changed by Pulpit & Pen