Megachurch Shuts Down For a Month Because It Can’t Get ‘Sexual Abuse Insurance’

The Meeting House church in Oakville, ON, which disgraced pastor Bruxy Cavey once led, is shutting down for a month after being unable to find abuse insurance following nearly 40 different reports of sexual abuse against four pastors within the church.

Bruxy Cavey is one of the country’s most recognizable religious leaders. Far from being orthodox, he is also a false teacher who denies penal substitutionary atonement, biblical inerrancy, the eternality of hell, has an unbiblical view of the sin of homosexuality, and displays an affinity for open-theism.

In 2021, Cavey was released from his position at The Meeting House, a 5000-member multi-campus megachurch considered one of the biggest in the country, after being arrested and charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, including allegations of abuse of a minor.

The church has struggled to survive since then, with giving down and several satellite churches shuttering down or consolidating. In an email sent to members, the church explains that because they’ve had so many allegations of sexual abuse over the years, so far resulting in three civil lawsuits from abuse victims demanding $5 million each in damages, their insurance company doesn’t want the liability.

As a result, The Meeting House cannot get anyone to insure them and don’t dare operate without, lest one of their leaders is revealed to be another molester (not an insignificant concern, given their history), opening them up to even further lawsuits and financial risk.

The historical incidents and allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse at The Meeting House continue to impact our church today in many ways, including how we are viewed by insurers.

Over the last few years, our church has taken significant steps to address systemic risk, help prevent abuse, and create a safe environment for staff, volunteers, and congregants.

This includes implementing new policies and procedures related to conflict and abuse, restructuring governance, introducing new leadership, and improving training and volunteer screening.  We have received positive feedback from insurers and experts who believe our actions have been particularly rigorous and effective, and that our abuse prevention framework is now first rate among churches.

Despite these positive changes, we are disappointed to learn that our history still causes insurers to view us as a significant go-forward risk. We were recently informed that, effective June 30, our current insurer will not be renewing our Abuse Liability (AL) coverage, or our Employment Practices Liability (EPL) coverage.

They continue:

However, we have learned in the last week that our search has not identified any insurers yet willing to provide The Meeting House with AL or EPL coverage…

For the protection of our staff, volunteers, vulnerable people including kids and youth, and our wider church community, our Transition Board and Network Leadership Team believe it is not responsible to continue engaging in ministry work through The Meeting House church entity without full insurance coverage.

In light of this development, we feel led to pause our normal ministry for the month of July to dedicate time to continue discerning what form God is inviting us to take into the future as a network of churches.

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14 thoughts on “Megachurch Shuts Down For a Month Because It Can’t Get ‘Sexual Abuse Insurance’

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  2. With the events unfolding with Morris and now latest clown , many large churches may find themselves unable to host events for youth. Involving youth in the church is essential to have Gospel presentation and shape lives. No insurance means no events and might even mean an end to any VBS. If you have multiple prominent names/churches with the same issue, that’s more than coincidence, that’s a pattern and law enforcement notices.

    As Barna surveys assess most people come to Christ while under 21yo, this is a serious blow. What a brilliant move by Satan to neutralize the church’s ability to do its job through the sexual sin, deviancy, and greed of its workers.

  3. Hell doesn’t exist, scripture is clear. Reference to the concept of Hell is pre-propitiation of Christ. It ended when Christ descended there and ‘saints of old were seen walking among the living’, when Jesus rose from the dead. scripture is clear.

    After judgement, those that reject salvation will be consumed and The smoke of their consumption shall rise in the heavens forever. That’s the false concept of the ‘eternal Hell’.

    The real blasphemy is believing Our Heavenly Father would want to condemn the children He loves to eternal ‘weeping and gnashing of teeth’ without any hope ever escaping. No benefit to them or God. Truly disgusting way to think about God.

      1. He also spoke at length about the Pharisees (jews) being “serpents”, “of their father the devil”, “not of Abraham”, “not of my flock”, and “the synagogue of Satan”.

        Yet millions of misguided and uneducated “Christians” today honestly believe the Bible is somehow about the “jews”, and that Jesus was a jew. Neither of those things is true. I could go on and on about things people believe are true which are patently false.

  4. Liberal 🐑🐑🐑 who know nothing about the Bible or Christianity *redundant), knee-jerk and herd-like recite in Jim Jones-like unison, “Priests are peeta files.”

    You just fed them.
    Wtg, pastor!

    Lord save you.
    Lord save us.

  5. usually where false doctrine is taught you will find sexual sins or financial chicanery. One seems naturally to follow the other. It is irrational to imagine a church not led by fallible, faulty men but the stigma is when these sinners attempt to use any and every means possible to cover the sin up. a sign of the times is when churches purchase insurance to cover sexual abuse. this may not be destroying The Lords Church but it is giving her a bad reputation among even the decadent.

      1. Well let’s just be honest about why they’re “mega-churches” in the first place.
        You don’t get to the top of the ratings if you don’t tow the line.

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