SBC Membership Drops for 17th Straight Year, While Baptisms, Worship Numbers Increase

The Southern Baptist Convention has experienced a 2% loss in membership since last year, dropping below 13 million members for the first time in nearly 50 years, while also experiencing an increase in other measurable that has SBC President Bart Barber rejoicing at the news. According to the Baptist Press:

The Annual Church Profile (ACP) compiled by Lifeway Christian Resources in cooperation with Baptist state conventions details the annual numerical changes for the Southern Baptist Convention. Membership declined for the 17th straight year, dropping below 13 million for the first time since the mid-1970s. However, the less than 2 percent decline was the smallest in recent years.

Additionally, Southern Baptist-affiliated congregations experienced increases in baptisms, average weekly worship attendance and average small group attendance. Total baptisms climbed to nearly 227,000. In-person weekly worship service average attendance topped 4 million for the first time in three years, while in-person small group average attendance reached nearly 2.5 million. Average online worship service participation also increased.

Responding to the report, Barber said he was encouraged by the figures, writing: “The numbers give us reason to celebrate. Attendance is up. Attendance in Sunday Schools and other small-group Bible studies was up 4.05 percent from 2022. Attendance in weekly corporate worship is up 6.47 percent. The solemn nighttime hours of the pandemic gave way to the morning after all.”

While these numbers are encouraging for the embattled denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention still faces one of its greatest threats. Barber and powerful bad-faith cominterns are working hard to kill the Law Amendment introduced at last year’s General Convention. While conservatives want to ensure that only men can assume the pastoral role, as per the scriptures and the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, Barber and his kind have planned a runaround, ensuring that if any Southern Baptist churches want to begin ordaining women, they may do so and still be in good standing, opening up the floodgates of egalitarianism within the denomination. “

Furthermore, the denomination, entities and personalities are embroiled in over 40 lawsuits over sexual abuse and misconduct allegations, resulting in millions of dollars being spent in legal fees, rapidly draining its coffers and having a drastic impact on its ability to remain solvent.

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1 thought on “SBC Membership Drops for 17th Straight Year, While Baptisms, Worship Numbers Increase

  1. Typically in the SBC, if attendance and baptism are increasing but membership is decreasing it is because churches are (finally) cleaning their rolls. A little honesty is refreshing!

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