‘The Chosen’ Director Dallas Jenkins Baits Christians by AGAIN Featuring LGBTQ Flag in New Vid

‘The Chosen’ Director Dallas Jenkins continues to tweak and antagonize Christians purposefully. When he’s not insisting that he loves the same Jesus that his Mormon friends do, demonstrating again and again his false understanding of Jesus and the gospel, he’s posting videos of his crew members wearing the LGBTQ flag.

We’ve written about Jenkins and his abject biblical ignorance in the past with our posts about his belief that Mormons are Christians (see endnotes), but also the controversy that surrounded his gay cameraman Daniel Fritz wearing the Pride flag in behind-the-scenes videos.

All indications are that it’s deliberate and intentional. In the past, Jenkins insisted that he was not putting the Pride flag front and center, but its original appearance resulted from a brief glimpse in some behind-the-scenes footage.

This time, however, Jenkins had hundreds of hours of The Chosen video he could pull from and put up prominently on his social media, and out of everything, he showcased this one. 

Previously, Jenkins shared that all the cast and crew are contractors who can do or say what they want on their own time and on social media, and that they don’t police people’s actions on set “as long as they’re not harming anyone else on set, you know, kind of the usual rules of you know, everyone’s just kind of respecting each other.”

He also took umbrage at people saying he should forbid employees from wearing the Pride flag, insisting:

“We do not have a religious or political litmus test for who we hire. And we also do not police, individual’s social media, or their own personal work spaces, like their own gear, their own equipment, their own T shirts.”

We doubt this is true, however. Are we really to believe that if his camera man was wearing a Nazi swastika, which we imagined on the right hand picture, that Jenkins would be alright with it? That he wouldn’t insist he remove it? Not a chance.

The Pride flag is a celebration of perversion and represents the destruction of the family. It is evil and stands for moral chaos and rebellion towards the Lord.

For Jenkins, however, it’s just another Tuesday.

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10 thoughts on “‘The Chosen’ Director Dallas Jenkins Baits Christians by AGAIN Featuring LGBTQ Flag in New Vid

  1. So, DJ, what, exactly, is your standard for what is and is not acceptable?

    If someone had a shirt on that said, “I hate Mormons!” would that be okay? Or, “I hate Jesus!” Or ,”I hate Dallas Jenkins!”? Or, “Joseph Smith was right!” Or, “Satan and Jesus are brothers.”? Or, “Jesus is not God, he is only a god.”? Or, “Joseph Smith will help God judge who goes to heaven.”?

    There is a line, but he isn’t saying what it is. He knows he has greatly compromised biblical standards and teachings, and he certainly will not be held accountable by anyone.

  2. Simply unprofessional to allow your employees to outwardly advocate for anything that obviously insults your customers.

  3. Was turned off with the “The Chosen” when they had their Jesus say in one of the eps: “I have come to make a way”. As opposed to John 14:6 which marks the real Jesus as “the way, and the truth, and the life”.

    Dallas Jenkins has been pushing another Jesus and another Gospel altogether.

    Him pushing the alphabet soup gang, as well as hoping protesters will give him free publicity, is merely an outgrowth of it. Rotten tree will not produce good fruit.

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