‘The Chosen’ Director Dallas Jenkins Affirms Mormons are Christians in ‘Definitive, Final’ Video

‘The Chosen’ director Dallas Jenkins had had enough of being hounded and having to constantly respond to ‘The LDS issue’- his claim in multiple interviews that Mormons are Christians- that he released a 16-minute ‘definitive’ and ‘final’ video on his 1.64 million-member ‘The Chosen’ Youtube channel, demonstrating in another unclear and embarrassing manner why this issue will continue to plague and haunt him.

For a brief overview of the Mormon views on Jesus and other things, they believe that Jesus was once a regular sinful man who became exalted and turned into a God after doing many good deeds. ‘God the Father’ himself was also once a man on another planet, but because he likewise was such a good Mormon, he was granted the right to become a God over this earth. They believe that they too can become capital ‘G’ Gods of their own planet one day, and in fact, hold that there are millions of Gods. For them, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all and individual separate Gods, and they all have human bodies of flesh- they are not Spirits.

Mormons categorically deny the idea of salvation by grace alone and believe Jesus and Lucifer are ‘spirit brothers.’ They believe the scriptures we have are all corrupted and that’s why they have the new revelation of Joseph Smith.

Far from offering any clarity or legitimate explanation, the professing evangelical Jenkins continues to obfuscate and show himself unqualified, seeking to refute the claims that he said “Mormons and evangelicals love the same Jesus” or “LDS are Christians.” He protests:

Is it true that I said that? And the answer is no, I did not. (Yes he did) Now, did it appear like I said that? Could it be easily interpreted as me saying that? I think that’s true. And I think we can agree that words matter, nuance matters. And I probably could have given more context and clarity.”

He says he should have more clear because he wasn’t referring to ALL Mormons loving Jesus, but just some.

“I’m referring to some of the friends that I have who identify as LDS who I’ve gotten to know very deeply over the last few years, in particular, and have had hundreds of hours of conversations with. And I stand by the statement that those friends of mine that I’m referring to absolutely love the same Jesus that I do.”

Even if he wasn’t explicitly referring to the LDS community, unless his Mormon friends repudiate basically everything they believe about Jesus, then he is still wrong that his Mormon friends and partners believe in the same Jesus. Even if we were to grant his contention he’s not talking about ‘all Mormons,’ it doesn’t make it any better that he still believes that these specific Mormons love the same Jesus.

His ignorance is made manifest as he continues down his path:

We oftentimes will label the entire group as having a particular belief or a particular personality. It would be just as dumb for me to say that ‘all LDS are Christians’, as it would be to say that ‘all evangelicals are Christians’, or that ‘all Catholics are Christians’ or any other faith tradition, and it would also be dumb of me to say that none are.”

Jenkins makes an enormous category error, not understanding that the reason a professing evangelical might not be a Christian is that they DON’T believe what the bible and their faith teaches.

The reason Mormons are not Christians is that they DO believe what their false bibles and faith teach.

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