Catholic Priest Burned Alive After Sparks Ignite His Robes During Church Service

(Premiere Christian News) During an Easter vigil in Zaragoza, Spain, a tragic incident occurred when Fr Javier Sánchez, was fatally injured after his robe caught fire from a spark during a candle-lighting ceremony.

He suffered severe burns covering 50 per cent of his body and passed away five days later in intensive care.

The accident happened as an ember bowl surrounded by candles unexpectedly ignited his robes. Local news outlets reported Fr Sánchez heroically attempted to shield nuns from the flames.

A source told Spanish news outlet El Heraldo de Aragón: “The priest tried to protect the nuns of the convent when embers lit up in the basin that was used [for the fire] and that ultimately caused his… to continue reading click here.

This article was written by Lydia Davies and published at PCR.

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3 thoughts on “Catholic Priest Burned Alive After Sparks Ignite His Robes During Church Service

  1. Candles) fire have no place in New Testament worship that includes “candlelight” services for Protestants.

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