Brian Houston Claims He Was ‘Hacked’ After Posting Lesbian ‘Kissing’ Post, But Is He Just A Pervert?

Former Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong claims he was “hacked” shortly before midnight, Australian time, after his personal Twitter page threw up a post with the caption “Ladies and girls kissing.”

It’s an interesting phrase, reading like something a boomer would enter into the social media’s search bar looking for porn or trying to follow an account.

Sixteen minutes later, he somehow got access back, miraculously, astonishingly quick. He deleted the tweet, claiming he was “hacked.”

The vast majority of online observers do not seem to be buying his story, however, suggesting that Houston, who has a long history of alcohol abuse, almost certainly did this accidentally in a search for adult content.

Notably, Houston was terminated from his role as head of Hillsong after church leadership accused him of committing indiscretions with two women and having a drinking problem, including sexting with one and getting drunk and spending nearly an hour in another woman’s hotel room in 2019.

Of the few people he was following, one account stood out to some.

Furthermore, following the initial post, his assistant Yolanda later posted an update from Houston’s account, saying he was hacked and offering proof of the breach.

However, the linked account wasn’t Houston’s, suggesting they just made the whole thing up to find a scapegoat.

This post was also deleted.

Finally, after deleting that post, they settled on this one, which is the last word from them.

It’s bad timing for Houston, who is in the process of launching a brand new church. We would hope this new revelation of his smutty searching would derail those plans, but sadly we highly doubt it.

After his termination, it was also revealed that Brian and Bobbie Houston were some of the most irresponsible spendthrifts in the world, with the two frequently spending thousands of dollars on single meals at the exclusive Nobu restaurant, which we covered in Top 10 Most Expensive Meals Brian and Bobbie Houston Expensed to the Church (Number 4 is $2433.38) and would routinely stay in luxury hotels that cost upwards of $13,000 a night. (See other scandals in the endnotes) All these funds come from the sacrificial tithes and offerings of the congregation.

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2 thoughts on “Brian Houston Claims He Was ‘Hacked’ After Posting Lesbian ‘Kissing’ Post, But Is He Just A Pervert?

  1. Wow, good thing he’s a man of God and not some common ne’er-do-well known for drunken web surfing and sexual improprieties!
    What? Uh, never mind.

  2. So the supposed Security alert isn’t even branded anywhere with “X”? No date and time? And of course not even the same account.

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