Church Hosts ‘Queer Nativity Play’, Featuring Mary and Joseph As Two Catfighting Lesbians

A Lutheran Church in Canada holds the distinction of putting on the world’s worst Nativity play, after they put on a show featuring Mary and Joseph as two unlikable and nattering lesbians catfighting the entire time.

Lutheran Church of the Cross is a congregation that “affirms and celebrates human diversity in God’s creation.” Led by Lyndon Sayers and Lyle McKenzie, they are an ELCIC (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada congregation, the canuck version of the ELCA) that is populated by senior citizens, lesbians, and a host of other ragtag goatlings.

We covered them after a recent sermon argued that the baby Moses’ trip in a basket on the Nile river has some queer themes, and is actually about kinship outside of heteronormative family structures, and after they insisted that LGBTQ people are acting as ‘Good Samaritans’ when they put on ‘drag queen story hours’ for children.

The play features the occasional f-bomb and a range of pointed blasphemy, but really gets aneurysm-inducing when the two leads bicker.

Part 2 Tomorrow

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4 thoughts on “Church Hosts ‘Queer Nativity Play’, Featuring Mary and Joseph As Two Catfighting Lesbians

  1. I cannot imagine how much this wickedness carried out in the guise of Christianity grieves God Almighty.
    How is this different from Satanists mocking and blaspheming God and His Son? Answer: It’s not.

  2. The utter blasphemy on display here staggers me. I don’t know who’s more lost, the two cackling “actors” or the crowd sitting there and watching it play out.

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