IHOPKC Blasts Mike Bickle After Multiple Minors Accuse Him of Sexual Abuse: ‘His Predatory And Abusive Actions are Sick’

The International House of Prayer has issued a new apology after more allegations against false prophet and disgraced NAR rockstar Mike Bickle surfaced. IHOPKC released their most conciliatory and seemingly contrite statement yet, describing their founder’s actions as “predatory” and sick” while offering:

“Words cannot express the anger, shock, heartbreak, and sadness we have experienced as we have learned of allegations and testimonies of sexual abuse and manipulation concerning Mike Bickle.”

While Bickle has only admitted to two sexually inappropriate behaviors with adults, two more women have stepped forward alleging sexual abuse when they were minors, with one saying that Bickle molested and groomed her when she was 14 and another when she was 15.  IHOPKC continues:

“We believe that Mike Bickle sexually abused and manipulated Jane Doe and Tammy Woods, who was a minor at the time. His predatory and abusive actions are sick and violate the Word of God, the marriage covenant, and holiness; we condemn them in their entirety.”

IHOPKC also apologized for being naive about a series of manipulative sermons Bickle preached right before this all came out:

“In hindsight, we realize that Mike’s two Friday night messages on October 13th and 20th were manipulative attempts to construct a narrative of innocence concerning himself. We deeply regret allowing him on the platform, and we acknowledge and apologize for the pain and confusion this caused.”

Finally, they apologized for a staff meeting they held following the initial revelation. They admitted it “lacked the necessary disclosure and candor to meet the gravity of the situation” and acknowledged that “many in our community have been pained by our communications regarding these allegations. We are sorry we fell short in this area and left you feeling unseen, unheard and unappreciated.”

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