Want to Read an Insane ‘Prophetic’ Text Message Sent to a Woman Trying to Court Her? Of Course You do!

‘Words from the Lord’ can be abused in all sorts of ways, but few more so than when they are used as manipulation tactics by weird creepos trying to get themselves a spouse. There is something particularly insidious about this, and while it may be far less prominent in cessationist circles (who have their own problems, to be sure), it is a chip played by some charismatics to varying degrees. From the milder “I think the Lord is telling me to pursue you” to whatever dark, disgusting, and downright manipulative ‘thus saith the lord’ bovine scatology this is.

The following text messages were to a woman I know, Michelle, who explains the circumstances of her receiving them:

It’s spiritual cold-calling with a script written by demons, and it sounds like this: (bold emphasis of some of the crazier parts added by us)

The Lord says, Tell her I Love her. She is the apple of my eye. She is my loving testimony expressed in a willing vessel. Willing and obedient you are and I have something great in store for you… You like Adventures I know, but I shall send you on the adventure of your life…

The man before you is not a normal man...no, he is a willing servant of mine and a laid down lover of my daughters… I have identified you to him as his potential wife. But what do you say…?

Nothing for now, for you do not know who he now is and who I am raising him up as. For you have known him as **** but ****is no more. ****R.I.P.**** had to go to make way for the NEW.

The NEW that I am pouring into him and pouring into you…

Think it not strange that I would come to you in this season to fulfill one of the desires of your heart daughter…

Think it not strange that I would prepare a man for you who has the capacity to cherish you but also the capacity to lovingly put you in your place as needed…

Think it not strange that I have ordained a Godly husband for you that will fit like a hand in glove into your life…

Think it not strange that I have prepared a man for you that will love you as you. Think it not strange my daughter, for you are my cherished One…you are the apple of my eye… You are my sweet sweet baby girl and I would not lead you astray in this…

That said, you are a busy woman and have things to do, places to go and people to see. Think it not strange though that I interrupt your schedule again for it is my way. Your schedule is my schedule and my schedule is your schedule.

Enough for now daughter, Just know that ****, the man that you formerly knew as ****, is the real deal and I approve of him. I let him know that he needed to step up and make you aware of his intention to court and marry you at this time. He does plan to move back to Florida if that’s what you’re wondering.

He plans to attend ministry school in the fall according to my leading as he continues to work on entrepreneurial pursuits and develop projects like Kingdom Advancers. You will be well provided for and taken care of by him and thru him and his ministry and entrepreneurial pursuits.

You won’t be stymied though by him. He is a champion of women and their call in the earth to be leaders.

I had him stay up most of the night, listening to your book so that his heart would be prepared to release this.

WHEN you might ask would he want to marry you…?

Nothing soon of course silly... you need to get to know him and he needs time getting to know you and earning your trust.

2 years my daughter, 2 years is the length of the Courtship that he desires.

No rush, but strong intention.

You have something to think about Michelle…

Examine your heart.

Examine my heart.

Examine your heart.

What are you ready for?

Are you ready for your next leap into destiny?

Of course, rather than woo her or pique her interest, Michelle was infuriated by the message, shutting down his ‘prophetic messages’ in no uncertain terms.

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5 thoughts on “Want to Read an Insane ‘Prophetic’ Text Message Sent to a Woman Trying to Court Her? Of Course You do!

  1. Yes it’s insane, but I had read many of this woman’s posts during the IHOPKC crisis, and she’s been caught up in prophetic nonsense forever so no wonder he thought he could write that garbage to her. Let’s hope she wakes up.

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