OH Megachurch Pastor Punts Bible Across Stage For Superbowl-Themed Church Service

Crossroads Church is a multisite megachurch in Cincinnati, Ohio. Led by Senior Pastor Brian Tome, it is one of the fastest-growing and largest churches in America, consisting of nearly 40,000 members spread across fourteen locations in the Ohio and Kentucky area.

Seeker-sensitive to the extreme, their mantra is “anything short of sin is up for grabs,” resulting in the frequent abomination that is their Superbowl Sunday sermon series.

Each year, they transform their church lobby into a stadium or a tailgate party and stage a ‘Super Bowl of Preaching contest’ between pastors, who enter the arena like MMA fighters or boxers and play secular songs during the intermission.

During their 2020 service, teaching pastor Allie Patterson and lead pastor Brian Tome have a coin toss to see who gets to “receive the bible,” resulting in Patterson booting it across the stage and into the crowd.

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11 thoughts on “OH Megachurch Pastor Punts Bible Across Stage For Superbowl-Themed Church Service

  1. Sacrilege, though it matters little when this “megachurch” clearly spends it’s sabbath days worshipping the graven images of jocks given to them by the television idol…

  2. This is blaspheme. God’s Word says, Holy Bible. That means “Holy”. Not to used a football or an instrument to abuse.

  3. this is so very offensive, shallow and uneducated, with no fear or reverence for God, that you would punt the Word of God show exactly where this man stands, and the people who cheer and applaud this are also accountable

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