Gay Son of Former SBC Prez. Publishes Grooming, Pro-Homosexual Children’s Book: ‘My Guncle and Me’

Jonathan Merritt, the open and unrepentant homosexual son of former SBC president James Merritt, has announced the imminent arrival of his new children’s book, ‘My Guncle And Me’- with ‘Guncle being a contraction of ‘Gay Uncle.’

Jonathan is a journalist who has become a favorite of the Evangelical Intelligentsia that we’ve written about before, last seen promoting “theistic evolution” and arguing that women can lead churches because they have cracked nipples when they breastfeed. He shared on Instagram his reasons for writing the propaganda piece:

On an ordinary evening a couple of years ago, I confessed to my friend @sniequist that I felt a holy nudge to write a children’s book, but I hadn’t found the perfect idea.

“Why don’t you write a book about being a Guncle?” she said—and a bomb went off in my chest. THAT was the book I was meant to write!

Over the last two years, I forged this book with intentionality, creativity and joy. And finally—FINALLY—on May 14th, I get to share it with all of you.

MY GUNCLE AND ME tells the story of Henry Higgleston, a kid who struggles with feeling like an oddball and outsider at school. But when his fabulous Guncle arrives for the weekend, the pair take an adventure that opens Henry’s eyes to the beauty of his uniqueness and the liberating power of self-acceptance.

I wrote this story for any kid, big or small, who has ever felt different. I can’t wait for you to read it, but first I need your help.

In short, it’s a celebration of the beauty of unique traits, personalities, behaviors, and actions, which includes being a sodomite and all the sodomitic thing that comes with.

It’s not the first time Merritt has flashed his “Guncle” creds. We recently covered how his niece, James Merrit’s granddaughter, presented him with a ‘guncle’ bracelet in order to remind him he was special.

Of course, the rotten fruit of James Merritt’s refusal to directly address the sin within his household fell off the tree years ago, and its rotten seeds have now sprouted in the form of children and grandchildren who now call that which is evil “good.” Merritt continues to walk in disobedience by refusing to disassociate from his son, which he is called to do according to the scriptures.

“But actually, I wrote to you not to associate with any so-called brother if he is a sexually immoral person, or a greedy person, or an idolater, or is verbally abusive, or habitually drunk, or a swindler—not even to eat with such a person. For what business of mine is it to judge outsiders? Do you not judge those who are within the church? But those who are outside, God judges. Remove the evil person from among yourselves.” 1 Corinthians 5:9-11

Rather than refuse to associate or eat with his son, Merritt has done both. Two years ago, he encouraged his 70k followers to listen to a sermon by Jonathan, commending it as both “brilliant” and “faithful to the gospel.” In reality, it was a trainwreck that saw Jonathan castigating Jesus and describing him as being rude, ovearreactive, grumpy, engaging in PR stunts, and a “buzzkill.” 

At the 2023 convention, when messengers overwhelmingly passed an amendment that barred women from holding the office of Pastor, Elder, or Deacon, James Merritt joined former SBC Presidents J.D. Greear and Ed Litton in convincing the convention to pass an amendment that set up a task force to study the definition of “friendly cooperation,” a move intended to effectively upend the implementation of a ban on female pastors that would take place if the amendment that bars women from holding the office of pastor passes a second vote at the 2024 convention.

According to Merritt, however, there is no reason for any qualms about drift within the SBC, and all those who have concerns should be ignored.

When former Southern Baptist presidents raise sons who are ‘guncles’ and nieces who are ‘guncle-praisers’, all while openly flouting scripture on what his duties are as a believer because he’s too much of a faithless coward to endure ‘fathers being divided against sons and sons against fathers” for the Lord’s namesake, you know there is drift.

James Merritt should publicly rebuke this book for the demonic, grooming propaganda it is.

Knowing him, however, he’s asking for an autographed copy from his son copy to frame on his office wall.

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2 thoughts on “Gay Son of Former SBC Prez. Publishes Grooming, Pro-Homosexual Children’s Book: ‘My Guncle and Me’

  1. Many forget James Merritt’s history. He went to FBC Snellville in the 1980’s during the “SBC War.” He fired all the staff and brought in his own people in the beginnings of the pastor being a “CEO” movement. Good people lost their jobs. He was a young buck in the take over of the SBC Convention (Sorry, that movement was all about power and control contrary to what the average person thinks. I lived through it so I know). He then gets promoted within the SBC for following orders. Maybe he and other pastors should have been spending time with their families especially their sons. Notice how so many of those younger pastors beack then have had their sons turn out so messed up morally and spiritually. John MacArthur put it so well when he brought up during one sermon or Q&A: PK’s get the reputation of being troublemakers. Well, maybe that is because they saw the hypocrisy of what their fathers were saying in the pulpit and what was happening at home (forgive my paraphrase, but that was the point.) Totally made sense to me and showed even more the example John and Patricia MacArthur lived for their own family.

  2. So glad to see this hard hitting article which is what Protestia was known for. The truth in its full form & no room for sin. Honestly, the Merritt’s are as bad as Rachel Held Evans’ was. Gods wrath abides on them.

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