Former SBC President James Merrit Says After Recent Convention, He’s SURE there’s No Drift

Photo by Adam Covington courtesy of Baptist Press

Former President of the Southern Baptist Convention James Merrit continues to disbelieve his lying eyes, claiming that even despite the clown show that was the 2022 SBC annual meeting, with the two conservatives running for power getting crushed in the polls, to the Resolution Committee dismissing a resolution to abolish abortion in favor of a watered-down statement that does nothing but praises their own pathetic efforts, to the Credentials Committee refusing to remove Rick Warren’s church from the books for having open women pastors, because the SBC they can’t be sure what the word ‘pastor” means, that there is no drift whatever.

You’ll recall that 7 months ago Merrit retweeted a sermon from his son and encouraged his thousands of followers to listen to it, commending it as both “brilliant” and “faithful to the gospel. The sermon was, in fact, terrible. The fact that his son is a “Side A” Sodomite who took it for the ringing endorsement it was intended to be and retweeted it to his own 70k followers made matters all the worse, yet Merritt refused to walk back his words of praise and admiration but rather doubled down.

Now, he’s claiming that with liberal Barber at the helm, the SBC is going in the right direction, dismissing suggestions to the contrary.

To his meager credit, Merritt is surprisingly scrappy and will frequently engage his critics on his social media, usually with a cutting dismissal. This is no exception, and he went on to refute further claims of drift and liberalizing


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7 thoughts on “Former SBC President James Merrit Says After Recent Convention, He’s SURE there’s No Drift

  1. Interesting that he did not qualify what kind of “drift” he meant. He did not say there was no “liberal” drift or something like that. They are right where the powers that be want them to be. They are “on course”. Time for conservatives to leave the SBC to itself.

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  2. It is why I have said for over 30 years that for people like Merritt, Mohler and their crew the takeover of the SBC in 1979 was all about power, money and control. It might have been different for Patterson and Pressler (maybe), but their little minions had other ideas.

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