‘The Chosen’ TV Show Debuts #2 at the Box Office, Makes $7.4M+

True to his word, Dallas Jenkins has released the first three episodes of Season 4 of ‘The Chosen’ in theaters, with the Jesus biopic appearing in 2263 theaters and grossing $7.45M in four days of release. The episodes came in second to Henry Cavill’s Argylle, which cost more than $200M to make but only brought in $18M, making the former the true box office king.

It’s a smash success for Mormon-backed Angel Studios, who intend to keep the show in theaters until February 14 to get that Ash Wednesday bump, with some analysts estimating it could end its run at over $20M.

It’s not the first time The Chosen has appeared in theaters. Last year, they launched the first two episodes of season 3 in more than 2000 theaters worldwide, grossing nearly 15 million dollars.

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  1. I find it thoroughly unwatchable, but I’ve discovered that the show’s singular appeal is that it taps into people’s desires of who they want Jesus to be. The less reality they know, the better they like it.

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