Heretic Alert! Charismatic Leader Prophesied ‘Favor’ and ‘Supernatural Houses’ For Maui Church, Months Before They All Burned Down

In late October 2022, New Apostolic Reformation prophetess Cindy Jacobs preached at King’s Cathedral Church in Maui, where she prophesied that the pastor and congregants would receive ‘supernatural favor’ in the form of ‘supernatural houses’ and that the testimonials from folks in this church receiving new houses as a result of this favor and blessing ‘would ring out across the world.’ 

Ten months later, unprecedented wildfires raged across Maui, burning down their church plant and dozens of congregants’ homes and businesses, demonstrating again what a fraud, charlatan, and false prophet Jacobs is.

At the time, Jacobs was adamant that the blessings would flow, even coining the term “remodel faith” for those who would be blessed with so much favor they could remodel their home and sell up, then the flames came:

It is actually part of the word of the Lord that God has given me for Kings and for you. You’re gonna be very excited what the Holy Spirit is saying. By the way I prophesied over Pastor Jireh (Urmeneta) that he’s going to get a new house already and that God is going to give him supernatural financing. So you mark it down, it’s gonna happen.

In fact, why don’t we pray for anyone that needs it. Raise your hand or stand up quick. Father in the name of Jesus I thank you Lord for supernatural houses. Lord we thank you for testimonies from this one service that are gonna ring around the world.

Father we thank you for the level of faith needed for these houses, for the favor in the name of Jesus and Lord to obtain them, and Lord let it be said that when you go to King’s Cathedral Church you enter into supernatural favor, and we got this house cause God gave it to us, amen?

…Oh by the way somebody thought ‘well I like my house but I need to remodel.’ Who’s that? Okay father we thank you for ‘remodel faith,’ a remodel faith so you can sell it so you can buy up...”

h/t to the Messed up Church on YouTube, where I clipped and tweaked this video from, as well as the cover picture.

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  1. shes a christian nancy pelosi? reminds me of what she said hawaii will be the first christian state! like copeland in 2001 at word of life church said millions of muslims will be saved in the next few months
    they all have a lying spirit

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