Charismatics Offer Prophetic ‘Dream School’ Certification, Only $2398

Do you desire to “learn a variety of ways God speaks through dreams?” Do you want to “become your own best dream interpreter?” Do you want to “be a part of advancing Dream Culture in your family, church, city, and nation!?” If so, look no further, as the Dream School would like nothing more than to scam your money  help you achieve these spectacular results.

The Dream School is a venture started by Jessie Vredevelt Schultz, an Oregon-based author, speaker, and entrepreneur, and April Chummar, a ‘speaker, dream coach, and revivalist. ‘

Dream School “equips and activates your dream life dialogue with God” so that you can “learn Biblical dream interpretation, personal application, discipleship and ways to integrate dreams into evangelism.” The initial course costs $399 but has a claimed value of $2800.

Once completed, the graduate will be able to “hear the Spirit of God, see into the spirit realm, discern God’s wisdom, and become a Prophetic Voice in your community.”

The course is not just a one-and-done deal, however, as there are some add-ons. You can purchase the Dream Journal, a “user-friendly blueprint that will empower you to decode and archive 25 of your dreams.” Alternatively, you can pay another $399 for “3 Hours of Private Coaching with Jessie Schultz or April Chummar.”

After you’ve paid $799.98 for the Dream School and private coaching, you can also “validate your gains” with a Dream Work Certification for only $1999 (with the $399 initial course as a prerequisite, lol)

While Schultz and Chummar advertise this certification as “industry-recognized,” the site is suspiciously silent on what that entails or how big the delusional charismatic dream interpretation industry truly is.

We tried to contact them requesting more information, but there seems to be no contact information on their website or any discernible way to get a hold of them, even by email, without purchasing the initial offering.

h/t Revealing Truth on YouTube.

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  1. Can we take out a student loan to pay for this? This is up there with lesbian basket weaving or the biology of the Cabbage Patch Doll.

    I missed out not going to college🥲

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