Churches Exegeting…. ‘Barbie’ Film.. For Summer Sermon Series

Summertime is ‘Church at the movies’ time for many seeker-sensitive and biblically illiterate churches, and the usual blockbuster films are prime pickings: Mission Impossible, Transformers, Super Mario, and even the newest ‘Barbie’ film. These PG and PG-13 films are all ripe for industrious pastors to pluck ‘life lessons’ out of and to uncover the ‘spiritual truths’ out of Bowser singing ‘Peaches’ or Optimus Prime ‘transforming’ into a new creation.

This is where churches decorate the entire building (or at least the lobby and sanctuary) with movie-themed accouterments, hand out popcorn and drinks, and in the case of Barbie week, ask congregants to come to church dressed in pink, where if they wish, they can do a Barbie-themed photoshoot.

It’s all so pink.

And of course, the requisite sermons. Unfortunately many of the churches will not stream them as they use so much copyright material with the video clips they show, but inevitably some get through.

When the bible isn’t enough, nothing is ever enough.

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