This is Wild! Arizona Church Masters the Art of ‘Screaming Worship’

Fresh Start Church in Peoria, Arizona, is led by pastor and pastrix Paul and Kim Owen. A New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) congregation within the Assemblies of God denomination, their website explains they “exist to influence a Nation with revival” and that “it is our mantle to host the Glory of God and raise revivalists. We don’t just want to experience a visitation. We want to be a habitation, a sustained dwelling place for the fullness of heaven.”

While they subscribe to all 16 of the AOG’s Statement of Fundamental Truths, the church has four “core beliefs,” which they refer to as their “cardinal doctrines” that they “weave in and through all the teaching, music, preaching, discussions.”

One of these core beliefs is the ‘Baptism of the Holy Spirit,’ which includes speaking in tongues as evidence. This explains why this unintelligible tongue-speaking is so prominent within their church services but doesn’t explain why there is no accompanied interpretation.

Add this all together, and Fresh Start has church services ranging from an hour and a half on the rare occasion to the more common three or even four hours. Most of the service time includes frenzied worship, which involves a lot of tongues, screaming, crying, manipulation, and hype, droning for hours upon hours, with the following video representative of the typical church service.

Couple this with children speaking in tongues, prophecying, blowing Ram horns, some wild pastrix going nutso, and music designed to amp up and manipulate the crowd, and it becomes clear what this church is all about.

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5 thoughts on “This is Wild! Arizona Church Masters the Art of ‘Screaming Worship’

  1. Why would anyone believe that God wants you to act like a lunatic while worshipping Him? Just another case of ignorant children attempting to mold God in their own image…

  2. This is what can happen when you ignore the scriptures. None of this scriptural. This was painful to watch. The Lord’s hand is heavy upon the churches.

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