Coward! Christian MLB Player Apologizes for Supporting Bud Light Boycott, ‘Hurting’ the ‘Pride Community’

In a move befitting cowards and traitors, Toronto Blue Jays baseball player Anthony Bass, a professing Christian, has released a statement through the club’s organization apologizing for sharing a post that encouraged believers to boycott brands like Bud Light and Target over their flagrant support for spreading LGBTQ propaganda, especially to kids.

I recognize yesterday that I made a post that was hurtful to the Pride community, which includes friends of mine and close family members of mine, and I am truly sorry for that.”

“I just spoke with my teammates and shared with them my actions yesterday. I apologized (to) them and, as of right now, I am using the Blue Jays’ resources to better educate myself to make better decisions moving forward. The ballpark is for everybody. We include all fans at the ballpark and we want to welcome everybody.”

Bass, who is earning $3,000,000 this year with the Jays, has been previously vocal about his faith, posting messages like this on Instagram:

Bass originally shared this video by dudewithgoodnews, who said in part: “Here’s the reason biblically why I believe Christians have got to be boycotting Target, Bud Light, and any other corporation that’s pushing the things they’re pushing. This is evil, this is demonic, we won’t stand for it, we’re not going to go to the stores anymore and we’re not going to give you our money.”

Though he should know better, Bass has quickly caved to his critics and pledged to engage in a pathetic struggle session over his views. As these things tend to go, however, his apology and mea culpa were not enough to assuage the woke mob.

Contrast this with another message from another ball player who openly criticized the Dodgers’s decision to invite the Christ-hating drag nuns.

It’s sad and shameful, and one can only hope he repents for being embarrassed by king Jesus and his beautiful doctrine.,

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