Now The North Face? Another Brand Pushes the Sodomite Agenda to Children

Outdoor apparel brand The North Face has recently made headlines for its collaboration with a prominent figure from the “drag queen” community as part of their latest collection, “Out in Nature.” With Sodomite Pride Month approaching, the brand now offers clothing adorned with vibrant rainbow colors, including items for children. 

In a promotional ad shared on The North Face’s Instagram page, a mustachioed man masquerading as what he thinks a woman looks like, named Pattie Gonia, leads the campaign by announcing the Summer of Pride tour. The video, aimed at younger audiences, extends an invitation to “come out” while accompanied by suggestive pauses and on-screen text. The ad prominently references All Things Gay while encouraging people to join Mr. Gonia at various tour stops across cities like Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Portland, Denver, Columbus, and San Francisco. 

Recalling a prior partnership in 2022, Mr. Gonia reminisces about their nationwide celebration of Pride alongside The North Face. The corporation emphasizes self-expression and pays homage to the influence of the pagan deity “mother nature,” describing their attire as a means of honoring her guidance. The collection showcases multi-colored shoes and other apparel, with some items priced as high as $165, and even includes a range of clothing options for children. 

These developments emerge amidst growing parental concerns, leading some conservatives and Christians to express their discontent by initiating boycotts against brands like Bud Light and Target, following their complete and total submission to and promotion of the rainbow agenda. We covered the Target controversy here.

The North Face has added itself to a long list of brands many Christians insist should be marked, avoided, and boycotted. According to reports, targeted boycotts have been devastatingly effective on perversion-promoting brands like Bud Light, which has seen billions in market value wiped out. Sales continue to plunge, and Target is now pulling LGBTQ displays from some of its stores. 

Believers must stand firm against this wickedness and make their voices heard with their dollars.

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6 thoughts on “Now The North Face? Another Brand Pushes the Sodomite Agenda to Children

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    1. Jesus Christ calls them to repentance for their abominable sin.

      “A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God.” – Duet. 22:5

    2. Thank God that normal, God-fearing individuals in this country are finally rising up against the hideous LGBTQwhatever cancer.

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