Leaked Documents: Adam Greenway’s Alleged Misconduct and the Unraveling of SWBTS

(The Dissenter) A little over half a year ago, the Southern Baptist community was surprised by the sudden resignation of Adam Greenway, former president of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS). Greenway, who had long been known for his left-leaning theological views and fierce advocacy for women pastors, was also embroiled in controversy for supporting former SBC president Ed Litton amid plagiarism allegations. However, recent revelations suggest that the transgressions of Greenway far exceed these well-publicized issues, as they touch upon the misuse of power, financial mismanagement, and an alarming lack of oversight at SWBTS.

Leaked documents reveal shocking allegations about Greenway’s tenure at SWBTS. A trustee report, conducted by Aaron Sligar, presents an exhaustive review of financial transactions during Greenway’s time. Sligar’s unambiguous assessment paints a picture of gross financial incompetency, with Greenway and his team exercising a reckless “financial freedom.”

The report detailed numerous instances of alleged mismanagement, including overspending on renovation projects to the tune of 12 million dollars and improper use of… to continue reading click here.

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