Former SBC Pastor Invites Pro-Abort Chicago Mayor To Speak From His Pulpit, Lauds Him as Christian Brother

Former SBC pastor and TGC/ ERLC contributor Charlie Dates exhibited his ongoing commitment to platforming every pro-choice and pro-LGBTQ Democrat politician he can at his church, inviting newly minted Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, who defeated Lightfoot earlier this year to come say a few words. This all the while treating him as a treasured brother in Christ, despite his grossly immoral convictions.

We wrote about Dates last after he invited pro-LBGTQ, pro-choice Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who came with her lesbian “wife,” to come to preach at his church. He warmly welcomed her as “Auntie,” and the church gave her a standing ovation. 

Now, during a corporate prayer, he claims Johnson is operating from “Christ-given convictions,” prays that God would give the mayor “swag,” and that all his enemies would be his footstool (pro-life Republicans) as they are roundly defeated.

We’re going to pray for him every chance we get. I told him we took those 500 men downtown because our kids and our young people, our collective responsibility. We’re not going to let the media eat him alive and make him responsible for everything when he is one person to lead the city. And we’re going to stand with him. So put your hands this way. ‘Father we thank you for Brandon Johnson. We honor you for the way you’re at work in his life’

I was just talking to Pastor Pointer about this. ‘Make him a man of conviction. Don’t let him get in that office and be talked out of his Christ-given convictions. Help him to be unashamed about having a wife, about being a father, while being black and Christian. Give him the grace, we do pray, to walk humbly before you. But give him swag too God, to walk in the city hall knowing that you’ve appointed at this season, at this hour, for him to stand to do what needs to be done.

Lord, we know there will be obstacles, but I read in your word that you’ll make our enemies our footstool. And I pray Lord that you will let him see it, though trouble may come near, don’t let it touch him. Just let him watch his enemies fall at his right and at his left.

He’s going to have to make some big decisions, decisions that affect millions of people. We pray for the spirit that you gave Daniel, your Holy Spirit, that he would be able to read the moment, that he be able to tell one right from one wrong. And and even when it’s unpopular, let him choose the right thing and then go to bed at night and sleep like a baby.

h/t to @wokepreacherTV.

By way of bacround, Dates is the pastor of Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, a former/ (present?) ERLC and TGC contributor and former SBC Executive Committee panel member. He recently left the Southern Baptist Convention on account of their failure to embrace Critical Race Theory while claiming that current worship wongs are slave owner/ captor songs .

He attacked other Black Christians as sell-outs for saying things like “I’m Christian before I’m Black”, said the SBC “don’t need Black Faces with White Theology/voices/ideas leading the convention”, and called Beth Moore “one of God’s leading women in the world.” (who preached at his church last year.)

This was when he wasn’t describing the SBC as a bunch of racists that will never change, calling some black SBC pastors mere “tokens” or “assimilators,” and calling SBC seminaries “vestiges of racial animus.”

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