Transableism: The Next Perversion Set to Sweep the Nation

Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) is a rare condition in which individuals intensely desire to amputate one or more of their healthy limbs or experience paralysis. This desire can be so strong that some individuals resort to self-mutilation or even request surgical amputations. While BIID has long been recognized as a diagnosable psychiatric disorder, a recent report from the New York Post suggests that the condition is being rebranded as “transableism” in an attempt to align it with the transgender community and gain more acceptance. 

According to the report, some individuals with BIID are adopting the term “transable” to harness the cultural power of gender ideology and advocate for their cause. However, this shift in terminology could also have unintended consequences, such as opening the door for doctors to perform amputations on healthy limbs under the guise of “treating” patients. 

This raises ethical concerns about medicalizing a condition traditionally treated as a mental health issue. Transgendered proponents take note. 

Having the desire to be a gender different than the one God made you used to be considered an instance of demonic possession or a brain disorder. Yet, as society engages in more and more deviltry, these desires have been normalized to such a degree that little girls are having healthy breast tissue removed, and little boys are having their penises mutilated and fashioned into some grotesque approximation of a vaginal canal. 

Sadly, BIID seems to be headed along the same course. The National Library of Medicine defines BIID as a phenomenon that occurs in some people who desire the amputation of healthy limbs or paralysis. It is believed to be a brain disorder that affects an individual’s body image, causing them to perceive their body as incomplete or not in alignment with their identity. As transgenderism has become more widely accepted, some individuals within the disability movement are seeking similar understanding and acceptance. 

Anyone with an ounce of insight can see transableism as the next societal evolution in normalizing non-normative bodily desire, with experts cautioning against self-mutilation as a harmful practice and seeing both transgenderism and transableism as delusional disorders being few and far between.

This is the logical next step in a society that has been completely given over to a reprobate mind. It is a society where the creature is worshipped more than the Creator. Pray for those who have fully bought into this Satanic world system to such a degree that they’ve convinced themselves it is a good idea to remove their body parts.

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1 thought on “Transableism: The Next Perversion Set to Sweep the Nation

  1. A society that embraces mental illness and perversion as healthy is itself so sick as to be unworthy of existence if history is any indicator…

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