David French CONDEMNS Texas University for Banning Drag Show

Students are suing West Texas A&M University after President Walter Wendler canceled a student-planned drag show, calling the grotesque pageant “derisive, divisive and demoralizing misogyny.” Saying that it goes against his personal beliefs, Wendler promised that he would do all in his power to prevent drag shows from appearing on his campus “even when the law of the land appears to require it.”

FIRE attorney Adam Steinbaugh said in a statement: “College presidents can’t silence students simply because they disagree with their expression. The First Amendment protects student speech, whether it’s gathering on campus to study the Bible, hosting an acid-tongued political speaker, or putting on a charity drag show.”

In response, the self-proclaimed “conservative” Christian commentator David French commended FIRE’s (Fights For Your Rights) lawsuit, saying that they’re right to bring it because the President’s actions are “textbook viewpoint discrimination.”

French, who recently complained about people who called the chemical castration of children ‘abusive’ and who months ago declared himself to be pro-gay ‘marriage’ was once prophetically labeled by Delano Squires as a purveyor of “drag queen conservatism. This is exactly right. Gabe Hughes and Squires, each responding to the story, point out the inconsistency of French, who picks and chooses what he wants to defend, echoing progressive values but shying away from nittier and gritter questions. 

4 thoughts on “David French CONDEMNS Texas University for Banning Drag Show

  1. Same guy who bashed tens of millions of Christians for voting for a sinner, now claims Christians should support all manner of perverted abominable sin.

    1. How dare you criticize Bill Kristol’s handpicked anti-Trump presidential candidate! 😉 How much of the Bible can these people reject and still make any credible claim to be Christian?

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