Feminist Professor Karen Swallow Prior Announces Departure from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Karen Swallow Prior, the controversial professor and author at the center of the scandalous leaking of Jennifer Buck’s rough draft dubbed Buckgate, has announced her departure from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, a move she described as a difference in “vision for carrying out the Great Commission” with the school.

Prior’s notability stemmed from her uncanny ability to fool conservative evangelicals that she was theologically solid despite an undeniable track record of liberalism:

Prior has yet to announce her next institutional appointment, but we’re guessing either a column at Christianity Today, a teaching position at Biola, or a pastor at Saddleback Church.

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53 thoughts on “Feminist Professor Karen Swallow Prior Announces Departure from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

  1. A lot of ambiguity. Some subtle insinuations, all of which makes her look like a victim, and her the heroin, and them the villains. This is classic Woke-ism, and right out of their playbook.

    “I do not share the same vision of carrying out the great commission” …Okay, what, specifically, does that mean?

    Karen, what, exactly, is the great commission?

    What, exactly, is your vision for “carrying out” the GC?

    How, exactly, is their vision, and what specific problems do see in this?

    If she dared to answer this with specifics, then she would be fully exposed for what she truly believes, therefore, she will almost assuredly not address this with specifics, let alone accurately.

    1. Probably because some in the SBC refuse to pretend “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded” is not a part of it.

    1. You ought to repent of such irreverence and crass language. How dare you use the name of the Lord like that.

  2. It’s about as much about politics as believing the Bible makes one a “far right wing, extremist, taliban, terrorist, woman hater, treasonous, …, [to whatever the latest pejorative is the past five minutes]”

  3. KSP is a godless wokie. She needs to repent and get saved. Shame on the Baptists for not KICKING her out a long time ago. They should have made it clear to KSP that she was headed to eternal damnation.

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