Progressive ‘Pastor’ says Kids are Safer At Drag Shows than in Church

Brandan Robertson is an emerging personality on the religious far-left. A proud sodomite, he used to be a ‘pastor’ at Missiongathering Christian Church, a San Diego church affiliated with the Disciples of Christ, then left to be the pastor of Metanoia Church, a “digital progressive faith community” that met bi-monthly for a bit, but was quickly shuttered and is now defunct after a handful of services. He also has spoken at the Wild Goose Festival, a famed liberal religious gathering we’d describe as “Gay Christian Woodstock”, only with more drugs and heresy.

A graduate of Moody Bible Institute, he gained prominence on TikTok for regurgitating talking points from the devil himself, such as claiming that polyamorous relationships are “holy, welcome and celebrated” and teaching that premarital sex is “good and healthy.” He’s also argued Jesus used a racial slur in Mark 7 during the account of the Syrophoenician woman, for which he later had to repent of being a racist, suggested that Jesus was likely a sinner who had to grow in sanctification, and claimed that Jesus doesn’t desire our worship because “only the Gospel of John” says he does.

In a recent video that sounds like a demonic brainstorming session, Robertson asserts that kids are usually ‘safer’ being at drag shows than than churches, because churches perpetuate a toxic theology of the patriarchy and anti-LGBTQ sentiment.

I agree that drag shows tend to be safer for children than church, and here’s why; It is churches that often are hotbeds of abuse because they teach a patriarchal ideal that empowers men to have authority and power over women and children. And that system, that thought process, is what perpetuates abuse. It’s what gives permission for abuse.

Churches teach toxic theology that tells LGBT young people to believe that they are abominations, that their sexuality or gender identity which they didn’t choose and can’t change is broken, and that the call of God is for them to either suppress it and repress it or to change it. Which again, is something they cannot do. And that results in tremendous mental health challenges and mental anguish. Churches are harmful to LGBTQ youth. Churches are harmful to many young people if they perpetuate a conservative patriarchal theology.

He continues:

Drag shows on the other hand, tend to be a celebration of equity. They tend to be a celebration of diversity. They tend to be an invitation for all people in the audience to explore who they are and to accept who they are.

I’ve been to so many drag performances that have empowered me more than my decade and conservative churches ever did. You see, I’m not saying that we should get rid of churches and replace them with drag shows, although that could be fun. But what I am saying is churches need to rethink their theology and their practices and they certainly need to rethink their opposition to this expression of identity, this expression of diversity, the celebration of God’s creativity that is drag.

Drag shows are not dangerous. Drag shows are beautiful experiences. And if you’ve never been to one, I would invite you to check one out. Support your local drag performers and stand up to the churches in your community that perpetuate a theology of death, and oppression, and abuse and I assure you there are many.

Bonus. Robertson, by some miracle, agreed to spend an hour talking with Jeff Durbin and James White about his beliefs. It’s about as wild as you can imagine.

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7 thoughts on “Progressive ‘Pastor’ says Kids are Safer At Drag Shows than in Church

  1. A true mental case. Real Christians avoid California at all cost… everybody knows that. Pope Francine loves sin too.

  2. Robertson is clearly a servant of Satan and the perfect example of the enemy masquerading as light.

  3. The Catholic “church” or Episcopal might be about the same. They either promote or cover for pedophiles. Sad very sad and they will answer to God for their depravity.

    1. The Catholic is NOTHING like the Episcopal church. You might know this if you had bothered to actually learn anything about them.

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