The Total Depravity of James Lindsay

A couple of days ago, Protestia published an article noting that, just like the inaugural event last year, the Turning Point USA Faith’s 2023 Pastors Summit will feature James Lindsay as a primary speaker. While Lindsay is at present a committed atheist, his work in identifying, defining, and exposing wokism and its philosophical roots has seemingly opened the eyes of many uninitiated, deer-in-the-headlights pastors who have been too focused on local ministry to notice the techno barbarians surrounding their physically present yet mentally absent congregations.

Lindsay’s recent entry into the Christian conversation (which followed his brilliant, Project Veritas-like exposure of the horrifying intellectual corruption of academia) has brought with it no shortage of controversy, and calls to not “partner” or be unequally yoked (2 Cor. 6:14) have arisen from Christians across the theological spectrum since he began to work with Sovereign Nations‘ Michael O’Fallon and publish work on the website New Discourses, which focuses on objectivist reasoning of an Ayn Rand flavor.

Progressive “Christians” who long ago jettisoned all rational, objective processes for determining truth want no part of any epistemology that doesn’t begin and end internally, and biblical Christians rightly see that (apart from objective, revealed truth) atheistic epistemology is based on the same question-begging fallacy. We see Lindsay alongside guys like Jordan Peterson as someone who clearly understands and proclaims a great deal of God’s truth yet remains lost in their sin apart from Christ. The lack of belief in and understanding of the Savior and Creator (the knowledge that unifies all of the truth they rightly see) leaves men like Lindsay and Peterson woefully wanting before the God who created them.

Yet all truth is God’s truth. The Bible teaches that God uses all things to accomplish his purposes, and this includes verifiably true and studied teaching from those still lost. God’s truth is not somehow out of reach for them (Romans 1:19-20). Lindsay, like every person born of Adam, bears a cursed depravity that affects every aspect of his being apart from true regeneration by the Holy Spirit. While this lostness prevents us from partnering in Christian ministry with him (2 Cor. 6:14), he has consistently made it clear that he is not a Christian nor a would-be Christian minister. Thus, he is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing – that is, someone who claims Christ while denying Him in words or actions. Rather his seeming interest in a free and just American civil order (a decidedly Christian value as our God is the author of justice itself) happens to coincide mainly with the biblical (and therefore Christian) position. On these issues, we are free to agree and make common cause if we choose.

As a Christian with true faith in God and understanding borne of Word and Spirit (John 16:12–15), I am not concerned with the true church somehow being subverted by men like James Lindsay. Lindsay is not coming to us in sheep’s clothing while inwardly being a ravenous wolf, as so many self-proclaimed evangelical Christians are (the primary focus of Protestia, of course). Rather, he is outspoken about exactly what he thinks and believes (as wrong as some of it is), which is unfortunately uncommon in today’s public discourse. His crass behavior on social media (while ill-advised and fair game for critique) does not concern me nearly as much as the endless parade of “nice guy” pastors who cover for true subversives tearing at the soft intellectual underbelly of American churches. Those feckless weaklings do so out of cowardly institutionalism, ignorance, or because they are truly anti-Christ subversives themselves (sometimes all three). How much greater is their shame when a spiritually blind man like Lindsay rightly sees dangers to the church missed by so-called “pastors?”

So how do we approach guys like James Lindsay? First, we plead with him every chance we get to submit to and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for his salvation, repent, and trust in the saving work of Christ on the cross for the forgiveness of his sins. Second, we contend for the faith once and for all delivered to the saints. In the grand tradition of the church, we argue like Paul in the synagogue (Acts 17:2). Where we agree on truth, we agree with no qualifications. In this case, the qualifications have been made by Lindsay himself, who makes no bones about his (ironically illogical) atheism. When he errs or acts poorly, we call it out specifically, not with “well, this is just how atheists act” like we’re somehow better than him because we’ve been redeemed.

Our principled and steadfast support for God’s truth (wherever it surfaces) and rejection of lies is a witness to those who see and accept so much of God’s truth and yet are still lost (remember the witnessing opportunity churches blew by closing during COVID?). We must draw a clear, consistent line between our approach to professing believers versus those who don’t claim Christ (1 Cor. 6:4, 1 Cor. 5:9-13).

And TPUSA Faith’s Pastors Summit? As far as I can tell, the event is very clear about its goal – adding political context for pastors who would like to be further apprised about external forces that have targeted western culture and the churches that have provided its moral foundation. Pastors should not be participating in nor attending such an event for doctrinal education or development, but to apprise themselves of the philosophies, techniques, and movements that seek to undermine God’s truths in church and society. These pastors can and should test everything biblically, and educate themselves as the Spirit convicts their conscience.

In an age when so many pastors are woefully ignorant about the anti-biblical radicalism invading the minds of their flock (and instead tend to actively encourage their flock to naval gaze), a better understanding of godless belief systems (critical theory, intersectionality), godless influencers of “Christian” organizations (James Riady), and the connection between the decaying church and the decaying society around us are things every American pastor should avail themselves of. And while they’re at it, contend for James Lindsay’s soul by proclaiming the Good News – the real and fundamental answer to why the summit is needed in the first place.

Note: Many readers seem confused about who writes what at Protestia. While we have a team of faithful men working and writing, everything I write will have my name on the byline. Our staff writer(s) may or may not choose to reveal themselves or use pseudonyms as their life situation and conscience allows, and may or may not agree 100% with what I write or say publicly. As always, I encourage feedback and/or disagreement with anything published on the site. Keep the conversation going!

10 thoughts on “The Total Depravity of James Lindsay

  1. It stands to reason that a pastors conference with teaching from an atheist should not be attended by any pastor, at all! What fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? What communion hath light with darkness?

      1. I wish someone would ask Lindsay how he accounts for the overwhelming evidence of design in his body, all over the earth, and even in the universe, and how that could be without a grand designer, as he would never assume that his car, house or wristwatch could have evolved with enough time. And yet they are all much less complex than the work God has done.

        I’d also like to know from Lindsay how he accounts from for the hydrological system, where his conscience comes from as well as physical properties that make life possible on earth, such as gravity, inertia, centrifugal, force, and especially friction. How could the evolutionary process have thought of creating these properties since it would’ve had to take intelligence, wouldn’t it?

        Some atheists like to say that they can’t believe in a God they can’t see, even though they can see much of his handiwork. They sure believe in farts if somebody leaves one around them since they can’t see it but they can tell it’s there.

  2. Excellent article.

    In my opinion, the more the atheist libertarian/anarchist objectivists seek, the more likely they are to find. Most are in rebellion against God’s authority, but without complete rejection of all that He put into place.

  3. I am actually baffled after reading this article. No matter how you try to undermine this conference as something being something more politically focused rather than faith driven, it is still indeed being promoted as a faith conference which has spiritual implications. There is no good reason on earth an atheist should be at a pastor’s summit. We are to have NOTHING to do with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them(Ephesians 5:11). Just because Lindsey is not a wolf per se, does not mean he is not dangerous and not still an enemy of the cross. He is still to be marked and avoided. And you stated: “Pastors should not be participating in nor attending such an event for doctrinal education or development, but to apprise themselves of the philosophies, techniques, and movements that seek to undermine God’s truths in church and society.” So you’re saying this could not be accomplished with a panel of all solid, doctrinally sound Christian men? We all know God “can” use anything to accomplish his sovereign purpose, but that doesn’t mean we choose to walk unwisely or unbiblically. Let’s not act as if Lindsey’s thoughts and opinions are so critical and impactful that we’re to toss out all spiritual discernment for politic’s sake. Furthermore, to promote this idea that it’s okay to fellowship and partner on a spiritual platform with enemies of the cross sets a very dangerous example to the body of Christ, regardless of how harmful you may see it being. Even if we look beyond Lindsey, Charlie Kirk affirms Roman Catholics as brothers and sisters in Christ and thinks it’s “garbage” for Christians to think they’re not. “Testing everything” in this situation would leave any solid discerning Christian to the conclusion that solid brothers and sisters should not in any way participate in this event. Very disappointing article coming from Protestia and I don’t see how a brother like Virgil Walker would agree to this.

    1. Kyra, if this is supposed to be a pastors conference focused on doctrine and soul care (like Sheppards conference), you’re completely right. If this is merely a conference meant to avail pastors of the evil political ideologies their sheep will encounter, I’d agree with the article. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.

  4. It’s pretty simple, if the water in town is poisoned, and an unsaved water purification expert is going to talk to pastors about how to help their people avoid death by not drinking bad water, you should probably listen.

    Thanks, TPFaith for putting this event on.
    [Full disclosure, I’m a speaker].

  5. It’s pretty simple, if the water in town is poisoned, and an unsaved water purification expert is going to talk to pastors about how to help their people avoid death by not drinking bad water, you should probably listen.

    Thanks, TPFaith for putting this event on.
    [Full disclosure, I’m a speaker]

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