*He Gets Us* Campaign Organizers To Spend $1 Billion Promoting Woke Jesus+ $20Mil at Superbowl

Last year an anonymous group of wealthy donors launched a 100 million dollar campaign for Jesus- the largest of its kind- with the “He Gets Us” thesis being plastered across TV and social media, aimed to attract cultural Christians and pagans to consider the man Jesus, and the way he relates to humankind. 

While that campaign promotion is monstrously huge in and of itself, unheard of for the Christian space, that investment is increasing tenfold. Jason Vanderground, President of the marketing firm managing the campaign, says that far from stopping at $100 million dollars, that number is expected to reach over $1 billion by 2025, and that’s just the first phase. He Gets Us is appearing in this year’s Superbowl, with the one ad buy costing nearly $20 million dollars. 

The videos, featuring moving black and white images playing under stirring music, were funded by the Servant Christian Foundation, a group whose donors remain anonymous. Marketing firm Haven conceptualized and crafted the non-denomination campaign, and popular ministry partner Gloo, which uses data to help Churches grow and develop receivables, supported the campaign, ensuring partners have the ability to respond to all upcoming inquiries.

Predictably, their campaign was woke, focussing on how Jesus was a marginalized immigrant refugee who was bullied for his empathy. Some examples:

Have you ever experienced frustration? Sorrow? Temptation? So has Jesus. Jesus understood what life was like for people in his day — especially for the marginalized. He was drawn to those on the fringes because he was one too: An immigrant. Homeless. Arrested. Bullied. Through it all, Jesus welcomed outcasts, stood up for women, hung out with troublemakers, even befriended enemies. He did it because of his radical love, empathy, and acceptance for all of us.


Jesus invited all to participate in the love, but not everyone was interested. The powerful and the wealthy were often threatened by Jesus’ movement because it always resisted systems of oppression. After all, many benefited from oppressing the poor, the sick, women, and even certain races that Jesus embraced throughout his activism. So, they didn’t just reject his invitation; they killed him for it.

Red flags everywhere.

In an article by Natasha Crain, she lists 7 things the campaign gets wrong with elaboration afterwards

  • The fact that Jesus “gets us,” stripped from the context of His identity, is meaningless.
  • Jesus is presented as an example, not a Savior.
  • The campaign’s stated goal is about inspiration, not a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • The campaign reinforces the problematic idea that Jesus’s followers have Jesus all wrong.
  • The campaign reinforces what culture wants to believe about Jesus while leaving out what culture doesn’t want to believe.
  • The campaign characterizes the so-called culture war in terms of secular social justice rather than underlying worldview differences.
  • The next steps offered by He Gets Us could lead someone far away from truth rather than toward it.

6 thoughts on “*He Gets Us* Campaign Organizers To Spend $1 Billion Promoting Woke Jesus+ $20Mil at Superbowl

  1. Yeah. Pretty sure that money could be spent in numerous other more productive ways. ‘He gets us’ is a far cry from Lord and Savior. I doubt this effort will lead to real converts but instead will result in a harvest of confused individuals still separated from their Savior

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the major donors are not Christians, or even against biblical Christianity. Seems like a politically motivated operation to reframe Jesus and a modified Christian message for political purposes.

  3. While some of the wokeness plays fast and loose with Scripture, on the whole, I welcome any public message lifting up Jesus as most of what we get through the media these days glorifies sin, and thus, the Evil One.

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