In New Interview, Beth Moore Talks SBC Racism, Sexism, and Whether or Not Women Can Preach

Beth More joined Preston Sprinkle for episode #1000 of Theology in the Raw, where they touched on her life story, the infamous “go home” statement from John MacArthur, her views on complementarianism, and the direction the SBC is heading, which she says is very, very bad.

Explaining her growing misgivings about her former denomination, she shares that because right-wing fundamentals are taking it over, soon what she was mostly doing, women preaching and teaching other women, would soon no longer be tolerated.

I was watching a severe pull to the far conservative, what I would say beyond conservatism into fundamentalism, in a part of our denomination where I was beginning to watch…and see, oh my word, women are not even going to be allowed to do what I did.”

She says that those pulling the denomination to the right were not the “old guard” but instead coming out of Southern Baptist seminaries. With many churches not having Sunday school anymore, she asked, “Where exactly do you want our women teachers to teach now?” while lamenting the church “has made no place for us.” She explains:

“It just to me, it was a train wreck. And it was like, You know what, I’m old. I’m old. I’m almost done. You can’t now go take it all away from me because it’s all done.

But I will fight to the death for my little sisters to have a place to serve in the Gospel witness. There is no possible way that the Holy Spirit was poured out on sons and daughters to prophesy, that women are not also gifted to proclaim the gospel. It is a lie to think otherwise.

When pressed whether she is a complementarianism (she’s not, because she’s been preaching everywhere), she says that she doesn’t like labels but that:

“I’m comfortable where I am right now. Because where I am, the only thing that women can’t do in my region and where I go to church is that they can’t be the senior pastor or priest.”

She concludes that she’s glad she left the SBC because there’s a a lot of “weirdness” found in Southern Baptist Churches not found in her current denomination, and that while there are some salt of the earth Southern Baptists who are decent folk, those who were sexist toward her were also likely racists as well.

I was in so far that I saw things that were so objectionable, and to me in regard not only to sexism but racism, which I believe almost always- that body and just a physical body, the body that holds on to sexism, I mean, we got two arms and two hands, almost always in the other hand, is racism.

Because its power, its power. It’s the fists, that’s the fists, and I have been in so far and seen so much that it to me was, I no longer felt that I belonged. I no longer felt welcome. I no longer felt wanted, but also, it was an act in some ways of protest, of saying no, no, I will not be part of this.

And if bringing a lot of attention to it, in a very public divorce, very public, very public, nasty divorce. If that somehow does something to change the climate for the young women coming up behind us, then I promise you, my pain will not be in vain.

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12 thoughts on “In New Interview, Beth Moore Talks SBC Racism, Sexism, and Whether or Not Women Can Preach

  1. Blatantly and knowingly bearing false witness. She knows full well that it is not about prophecy, sharing the Gospel, power of men, or anything else she listed. It is about honoring and obeying God’s Word. It’s because God said so.

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  3. I do not know if women can preach, but your preaching skills are certainly not there. Time to hang up the saddle and skip going home. Go directly to American House.

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