Pastor Greg Locke Says Your Children are Cursed + Animals Are Sick Because You’ve Been ‘Messing With Them Witches’

During his July 20, 2022 church service, pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, TN, declared that people keep messing with literal witches, which is causing their children to be cursed, their animals to stay sick, and continual unemployment. Locke claims that witches are showing up at his services by the dozens and that they need to be thrown out in Jesus name.

Readers of Protestia will recognize Locke as the foul-mouthed, spouse-abusing-and-abandoning, Tennessee “pastor” who notoriously divorced his wife of two decades and quickly married his secretary, claimed that “Mitch McConnell is being controlled by Illuminati hand signals,” threatened a Dunkin’ Donuts worker with kicking his teeth down his throat, and put up signs telling potential visitors” If you Come to Church in a Mask, I’ll Kick you Out.” He explains why he kicked a witch out of his service the Sunday before, then say’s he’d do it again.

So I don’t want to hear this stupidness. (Whiny voice) ‘Don’t throw witches out of churc….’ – God says kill them! And you’d better be glad we’re under the new covenant.

So when it comes to witchcraft, I ain’t playing any games. I ain’t making any more mistakes with witchery. I ain’t compromising with it. I ain’t being a nice to it. I ain’t being kind to it. That whole group said ‘oh we all gonna show up on Sunday morning with our outfits, we gonna have all our stuff,’ and I hope they let the office know what Sunday they’re coming, because I’m gonna have about 30 brooms up here and I’m gonna hand them all a broom and tell them to get out in Jesus name. I’m not playing with witches at all. I don’t care how mad that makes you. I don’t care. God said ‘kill them’, and all I said was get out of the church.

Quit messing with them witches. It’s why your marriage is a mess. It’s why your kids are cursed. It’s why your animals stay sick. It’s why you keep losing your job. It’s why you can’t get ahead financially. It’s why your car keeps breaking down; you’re under a curse and you just won’t admit it. Quit messing with them. You play with fire you’re gonna get burned 100 times out of 100!

h/t to the Friendly Atheist for the clip.

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