Canadian Church Fined $80,000 for Refusing COVID Inspectors

An Edmonton pastor* and her church have been fined $80,000 for refusing to allow health inspectors into their services during March and June 2021. Tracy Fortin and Church in the Vine were found guilty of six counts of obstructing a public health inspector and now have to pay the fine by August 31st or be held in contempt of court.

According to lawyer James Kitchen, who represented pastor James Coates, the guilty conviction wasn’t a big surprise, telling CBC News:

“Basically, the public health inspector showed up at church during worship service Sunday morning and said she wanted to come in. The pastor said no, and of course when you do that, you trigger section 71 of the Public Health Act, which says public health inspectors can pretty much come in whenever and however they want.”

The size of the fine was surprising, however. The church had been facing a theoretical maximum fine of $600,000, but prosecutors argued for $120,000 and Kitchen for $12,000. When the judge returned with $15,000 for Fortin and $65,000 for the church, Kitchen was livid, calling the fines “absurd” and a travesty, suggesting that they’re not supported in the case law.

The church intends to appeal the decision and seek to have it escalated to the Supreme court if needed.

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Church Fined $80,000 for Refusing COVID Inspectors

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  2. This is what happens when Canadians in general, and believers in Canada in particular do not stand against Fidel Trudeau and his tyranny. Happy churching!

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