Woke ‘Crayola’ Features Trans Model Wearing Weird Bra for ‘Disability Pride Month’

As nearly every company goes woke and seeks to virtue-twerk their progressive and intersectional creds, Crayola figured they would join the fray in a big way. Celebrating “Disability Pride Month,” which apparently comes after the regular Pride Month in June, the art supply company featured trans model Julian Gavino (he/him) on Facebook, giving parents fed-up with the constant barrage of LGBTQ grooming yet another brand to avoid while shopping for school supplies.

Where parents would normally have their kids go to Crayola’s social media pages to get arts and craft ideas, they now can’t do this without their children seeing a woman looking like a man, replete with a link to her social media site. Not only that, but she is wearing some pretty garish outfits, such as a chain link bra over the clothes or those wild boots, presenting as a man when she is anything but.

Crayola explains “As someone who grew up not seeing anyone who looked like him in the media, Julian is determined to normalize disabled and trans bodies in the fashion world” while celebrating how she is “passionate about advocating for his respective communities.” and coped with her disability by “pushing the boundaries on what I would usually wear.”

Expectedly, many parents were not impressed by this and signaled their disappointment and outrage at yet another attempt by a company to get their children hitched to the trans ideology and the normalization of mental illness.

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4 thoughts on “Woke ‘Crayola’ Features Trans Model Wearing Weird Bra for ‘Disability Pride Month’

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  1. Everyone, please write the CEO and founders grandsons. THIS is worth your time.

    Rich Wuerthele, President & CEO
    Crayola, LLC
    Attn: Consumer Affairs
    P.O. Box 431
    Easton, PA 18044-0431

    Donald J. Hall, Jr., Executive Chairman
    David E. Hall, Executive Vice chairman
    Hallmark Cards, Inc.
    P.O. Box 419034
    Mail Drop 216
    Kansas City, MO 64141-6034

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