YouTube Says It Will Start Deleting Videos That Contain ‘Abortion Misinformation’

Megacorp giant YouTube has released a series of statements on social media pledging to begin cracking down on certain abortion videos under the auspices of their “medical misinformation policies.”

“Starting today and ramping up over the next few weeks, we will remove content that provides instructions for unsafe abortion methods or promotes false claims about abortion safety under our medical misinformation policies. Like all of our policies on health/medical topics, we rely on published guidance from health authorities.

We prioritize connecting people to content from authoritative sources on health topics, and we continuously review our policies & products as real world events unfold. We’re also launching an information panel that provides viewers with context and information from local and global health authorities under abortion-related videos and above relevant search results.”

While taking down videos that seek to show how to have illegal or unsafe abortions is a good thing, it’s the “promotes false claims about abortion safety” that is concerning and unnerving. The perspective of the “authoritative sources” will likely be that abortion is a wonderful event with no health risks or adverse mental or emotional impacts, either short-term and long-term. 

Talking about how many women come to regret their abortions as they experience psychological distress and guilt resulting from their acts of baby butchery will more than likely result in the videos being removed or even the whole channel being suspended. We expect to see Twitter follow suit very soon.

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