Woke Church Newsletter Invites Congregants To Help Pay for Abortions and Abortion Pills

Boise’s Cathedral Of The Rockies has sent out their latest church newsletter, encouraging congregants to help abortion-minded women by paying for their abortions, abortion pills, and travelling expenses to cover the costs of their baby-killin’ in light of the overturning of Roe. w. Wade

The COTR is a Pro-LGBTQQIP2SAA, Pro-choice United Methodist Church (ie, not a church at all) that is led in part by the excretable Rev. Benjamin Cremer, who routinely posts brilliant missives like this on his social media.

In their newsletter, along with announcing upcoming sermons, Vacation Bible School for kids and their lunch bag ministry, they also urge congregants to Volunteer, Donate or Utilize to Support Women’s Rights & Resources as part of their community outreach.

Just when we think the ELCA or PCUSA has pulled ahead in the race to see which denomination hates Jesus more, the UMC does something like this and gets themselves back in the game.

14 thoughts on “Woke Church Newsletter Invites Congregants To Help Pay for Abortions and Abortion Pills

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  3. Rev. Cremer is right. If the Body of Christ would put in the effort to really love the their neighbor as themselves? They would take care of the parentless who are already here, help the poor at a grassroots level, stop obsessing over the LGBTQ, and stop fighting this make-believe “Culture War” with this persecution complex they’ve developed. The Church isn’t the Light to this dying it was meant to be.

  4. It’s always troubled to me when people start talking about “differing interpretations of the bible”. Why is the bible the only book in the world that people think there are multiple interpretations in understanding the text. There is only one reason for this, in a word, it’s manipulation! Why would God ever give his followers a book that has “many interpretations” ?? The bible has one very clear message and meaning and Mr. Cremer has gotten it wrong. When people, especially those in leadership positions, start talking about different ways to interpret the bible be cautious. It’s SO IMPORTANT to study for yourself be aware of wolves in sheeps clothing. Petra said it best “some may call me foolish some may call me odd, but I’d rather be a fool in the eyes of man than a fool in the eyes of God”.

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