Cru, Lenses Institute Lied about Shutdown of Race Ministry

(Capstone Report) Video shows that Cru leadership was involved in closing Lenses Institute despite what it said publicly.

Cru top US leadership including Mark Householder & Mark Gauthier appear to be supportive of Lenses despite conservative objections.

Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ, appears to have lied about its leadership’s role in shuttering the woke and racially divisive Lenses Institute. A new video provided to the Capstone Report, details how Cru and Lenses were more tightly connected in the decision to temporarily close Lenses training. In fact, a Cru panel made the decision to close Lenses and not the Lenses team as Cru claimed in its public statements.

According to Michael Sylvester, Executive Director of Lenses:

“There were some concerns placed on lenses that perhaps we were engaged in some mission drift, perhaps some CRT, and some Marxist ideology….There was a frequent incursion of those outside of Cru questioning Lenses as a direct result of SCU (Seeking Clarity and Unity) behavior. So, these questions are coming up, and the confluences—Gauthier becomes the president of Cru U.S. and it was decided that we need to look into lenses and audit lenses. It was a curious decision, but we were very welcoming to it, oh and also, that we were promoting anti-biblical teaching. So, we were very open to that…Mark Householder led that effort and put together a panel of people to be a part of the process. And we met a few times over that, the trajectory of the audit moved from an audit to a desire to reimagine Lenses, a reimagining of Lenses which then moved to a desire to pause Lenses. All that is between November and December of 2020 and July of 2021.”

This statement was made during a Cru…to continue reading click here

Editor’s Note. This article was written and published at the Capstone Report

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