Canadian Armed Forces Considering Booting all Chaplains Who Teach Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Three months ago, Canada’s Minister of National Defense’s Advisory Panel presented a report for the Canadian military. The goal, according to thinktank Cardus was to “provide recommendations on how to eliminate systemic racism and discrimination from the Department of National Defense and the Canadian Armed Forces DND/CAF)”

Their results were stunning, recommending that any chaplains who believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven should not be hired by the military, nor any pastors or reverends who are not openly pro-LGBTQ, on account of the discriminatory and exclusionary nature of these religious truth claims. According to the Canadian Armed Forces panel, chaplains are:

“responsible for fostering the spiritual, religious, and pastoral care of Canadian Armed Forces members and their families, regardless of religious affiliation, practice, and/or belief. They have an open attitude and promote diversity within the Canadian Armed Forces by providing an environment that is caring and compassionate

…It is necessary as well to recognize that, for some Canadians, religion can be a source of suffering and generational trauma. This is especially true for many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirited members of Canadian society…

They continue in shocking fashion.

…Another important point is that, at present, some chaplains represent or are affiliated with organized religions whose beliefs are not synonymous with those of a diverse and inclusive workplace. Some of the affiliated religions of these chaplains do not subscribe to an open attitude and the promotion of diversity.

For example, some churches’ exclusion of women from their priesthoods violates principles of equality and social justice, as do sexist notions embedded in their religious dogmas.

In addition, certain faiths have strict tenets requiring conversion of those they deem to be “pagan,” or who belong to polytheistic religions.

These faiths’ dogmas and practices conflict with the commitment of the Defense Team to value equality and inclusivity at every level of the workplace.

As a result, given that these parameters exclude any actual Christians, the board concludes with their recommendations:

  • 6.1 Do not consider for employment as spiritual guides or multi-faith representatives Chaplaincy applicants affiliated with religious groups whose values are not aligned with those of the Defense Team. The Defense Team’s message, otherwise, is inconsistent.

Pray for Canada.

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4 thoughts on “Canadian Armed Forces Considering Booting all Chaplains Who Teach Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

  1. Nothing like exclusion and discrimination to prevent exclusion and discrimination. We will see the same thing in the States, if we haven’t already. As someone who works for the federal government, it seems to be a matter of “when” and not “if” this will be the prevailing attitude for all government agencies. Will I make it to retirement? We’ll see.

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  2. Not even slightly shocking as Canada is only ten to fifteen years away from publicly executing Christians. Their sissy Prime Minister does his best to wield the iron fist that is attached to his limp wrist.

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